There are a number of different mediums to help educate you in Oracle APEX. From a free and open source curriculum, numerous tutorials on the Oracle Learning Library, to instructor-led classes in the Oracle University, there is something for everyone.


You can find instructor led courses or training from Oracle University as well as from numerous APEX Consulting Companies.

Oracle University Courses

  • Oracle Application Express: Workshop I

    This Oracle Application Express Workshop I Ed 2 training teaches you how to quickly and efficiently develop database-centric web applications using Oracle Application Express. Explore implementing security in your applications, managing application navigation, basic validation and debugging techniques used while developing an application in Oracle Application Express.

  • Oracle Application Express: Workshop II

    This Oracle Application Express Workshop II Ed 2 training will build on the knowledge learned in the 5-day Oracle Application Express Workshop I course. You'll examine topics that including learning how to use collections, add dynamic actions, create and customize plug-ins, and create and consume a RESTful Web Service.

  • Oracle Application Express: Administration

    In the Oracle Application Express: Administration Ed 2 course, students will learn the different ways in which Oracle Application Express can be installed and will perform a full development environment installation on a multitenant architecture of Oracle Database 12c. They will identify the three options of configuring a web server for Oracle Application Express and will install and configure the Oracle REST Data Services.

  • Custom Courses

    Not sure which course to take or which certification to pursue? Looking for on-site options or a custom course? Need help placing an order? Please contact Oracle University Global Sales Contacts or call 1.800.529.0165.


You can find many learning resources such as tutorials (Oracle By Examples - OBEs), demos, articles and more at the Oracle Learning Library.

There is a large number of Oracle By Examples (OBEs) that have step-by-step instructions with screen shots that walk you through building various application components.


The Oracle APEX curriculum is designed to introduce students to the design, development and deployment of beautiful, responsive, database-driven applications. The course content consists of presentations, hands-on labs, and required source files.

Download Curriculum

You may download the full curriculum to use these materials in your own training courses from OTN.

GitHub Source

The hands on labs from this curriculum are also available in markdown format on the Oracle Learning Library repository on GitHub.

Note: The presentations are currently being redeveloped into a markdown like format. The APEX Development Team plans to release the powerpoints together with the hands on labs when the course material is refreshed for APEX 18.1.

Oracle Academy Course

This same curriculum content is also offered in a hosted interactive form by Oracle Academy. The Oracle Academy also provides both educator and student curriculum.

For more information, please visit the Oracle Academy Course Oracle APEX - Application Development Foundations.

Note: The curriculum available through Oracle Academy has been upgrade to Oracle APEX 18.1. However, the curriculum you can download or obtain from Github is still in the process of being updated.