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  • Beyond the Database

    Integrate application data from anywhere with Oracle Application Express 18.1.

    By Joel Kallman September/October 2018

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  • Development Opens Up

    Interview with Mike Hichwa - Think full-stack, cloud native, open source, and Oracle.

    By Tom Haunert September/October 2018

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  • From Low Code to High Control

    Go no code, low code, and high control with Oracle Application Express 5.1.

    By Joel Kallman September/October 2017

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  • Easy Master/Detail

    Build master/detail forms for business applications with Oracle Application Express 5.1 interactive grids.

    By Joel Kallman May/June 2017

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  • See Better Results

    Build better data visualizations with Oracle Application Express 5.1 charts.

    By Joel Kallman March/April 2017

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  • Quick Iterative Development

    Create modern web applications in Oracle Application Express without writing a single line of code.

    By Joel Kallman

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