Oracle Cloud + APEX

The world's most popular enterprise low-code platform.
Now available as a simple all-inclusive cloud service that scales as you grow.

The new Oracle APEX Application Development service is the fastest, lowest-cost way to develop and deploy world-class applications.

Your APEX Service can be ready in just a few minutes and you'll never have to worry about the complexity of mid-tiers, load balancers, encryption, and more.

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Simple and All-Inclusive

With the Oracle APEX Application Development service, you can develop and deploy on a preconfigured, fully managed, and secured environment without any of the hassles of upkeep or manual maintenance. The service provides you with everything you need to develop and deliver applications.

You don't need to be an expert in a vast array of technologies, such as database administration, network engineering, security, or systems architecture. Oracle takes care of it all - from configuration, tuning, and backup to patching, encryption, scaling and more - so that you can concentrate on solving business problems.

  • Oracle APEX

    Oracle APEX is the world's most popular low-code enterprise platform with proven success across the globe in all industries. It enables you to simplify your development and deployment process by eliminating complexity at all layers of the technology stack.

  • Oracle Autonomous Database

    Oracle Autonomous Database provides a multimodel converged database that uses machine learning-based automation for full lifecycle management, including self-driving, self-tuning, and self-repairing capabilities. It empowers you to build applications against a wide variety of data types (relational, JSON, graph, spatial, text, blockchain, XML) and handle any workload (transactions, streaming, IoT, analytics, ML), all with industry-standard SQL.

  • Oracle REST Data Services

    Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) makes it effortless to publish REST APIs for data and stored procedures in your Oracle APEX Application Development service, providing secure and performant HTTPS access to your data for use by any platform or programming language.

  • Oracle Exadata on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Your applications run on Exadata hardware in the Oracle Cloud to provide industry leading scalability and availability, built-in security to mitigate threats, integrated governance and control, and a whole lot more. This infrastructure is also available across geographically distributed regions for true business continuity, disaster protection, and regional compliance requirements.

All-inclusive also means you aren't constrained by additional costs that can impact the success and popularity of your apps.

The Oracle APEX Application Development service dramatically simplifies costs that are typically associated with other low-code platforms. There is no complex pricing associated with the number of users, developers, or applications within your service. There are also no limits on the number applications that can be developed, the number of developers using the service, or the number of end users using your applications.

  • No Per User Costs

    There is no per-user-pricing with the Oracle APEX Application Development service, so you can easily deploy apps for any number of users while maintaining a simple predictable cost.

  • No Per Developer Costs

    Developing apps using Oracle APEX is easy and it won't take an army of developers. But if you've got an army of developers, there are no additional costs to set them up in your service.

  • No Per Application Costs

    Not only are there no extra costs per-application that you deploy, there are also no limits on the number of apps that you build. Unleash your inner APEX developer and develop to your hearts content.

  • No Extra Fees for Data Transfer

    There are no additional fees for data transfer into (ingress) or out of (egress) your service.

APEX = Proven Productivity

Oracle APEX enables you to be orders of magnitude more productive than traditional application development methods. Read the Time and Motion Study by Pique Solutions to learn how Oracle APEX can help developers build applications 38x faster when compared to a traditional approach using a JavaScript framework.

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Oracle RAD

Industry Leading Low Code Development Platform

With Oracle APEX and Autonomous Database, the configuration, patching, monitoring, and upgrading of all Oracle APEX components is fully managed by Oracle. This reduces risk and saves you time and energy that can be spent on innovation.

Explore how Oracle APEX can be a catalyst for your organization to become more agile by developing solutions faster, for less cost, and with greater consistency.

  • Low Code Development

    Oracle APEX is a low code development platform enabling you to build sophisticated applications without becoming an expert in a vast array of web technologies. Explore how APEX simplifies and accelerates development, enabling you to focus on the problem at hand, not on repetitive coding.

  • Powerful Features

    Oracle APEX offers world-class components and functionality you need to build sophisticated applications that work on any device. Explore how Oracle APEX helps you build better apps with rich capabilities for data management, reporting, user interface, security, accessibility, monitoring, and globalization.

  • Simple Architecture

    Oracle APEX uses a metadata-driven architecture enabling fast data access, performance, and scalability, out of the box. Discover how this elegant architecture enables you to build applications that can scale with the Autonomous Database for any number of users on demand.

  • Easy Deployment

    Oracle APEX applications are portable and can run anywhere Oracle Database is installed. This enables you to immediately import your existing applications into your Autonomous Database. Explore how Oracle APEX affords you the flexibility of developing and deploying applications across your on-premises and cloud environments with ease.

  • Proven Results

    Oracle APEX has been used to successfully provide solutions for real business problems across industries and geographies. From the simplest app that turns a spreadsheet into a web app, to mission critical apps that are accessed daily by hundreds of thousands of users.

  • Vibrant Community

    Customers love Oracle APEX – it has one of the most vibrant, global, and growing communities Oracle has to offer. Learn how you can participate in this enthusiastic developer community.