Autonomous Database + APEX

Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle APEX deliver an unparalleled combination of superior data management and proven low-code application development.

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Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database provides a preconfigured, fully managed and secured environment to both develop and deploy world-class applications. Oracle takes care of configuration, tuning, backups, patching, encryption, scaling and more, leaving you free to focus on solving your business problems.

Try it for free and take it for a spin! With instant provisioning, your Autonomous Database with Oracle APEX is just moments away. And if you select the Always Free option, your service will remain free for an unlimited time as long as it is used.

Mission Critical Made Effortless

With Oracle Autonomous Database cloud services, you can develop and deploy on a preconfigured, fully managed, and secured environment without any of the hassles of upkeep or manual maintenance.

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous Data Warehouse deliver self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing database services that scale instantly to meet the demands of mission critical applications.

No IT skills required, meaning you don't need to be a database administrator, network engineer, security expert, or systems architect. Oracle takes care of it all - from configuration, tuning, backup to patching, encryption, scaling and more - so that you can concentrate on solving business problems.

  • Infrastructure

    From installation and patching to management and monitoring - the Autonomous Database intelligently handles all of the infrastructure for you. There's no manual maintenance required and with instant provisioning, you can get set up in seconds.

  • Security

    Strong data encryption, switched on by default, ensures your data is fully protected. Every point at which your data is accessed goes through secure channels and the latest security updates are applied automatically to limit exposure to known issues and vulnerabilities.

  • Data Privacy

    Your data is yours alone. Operations personnel have privilege to do all administrative tasks, without any ability to ever see any customer data.

  • Performance

    Limitless performance and scalability, built upon Exadata infrastructure and Oracle Real Application Clusters, enable your application to scale beyond the limits of a physical server. The service will automatically scale up CPU and I/O resources as your application requires without any manual intervention required.

  • Full Featured

    There is a wealth of included feature functionality such as Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), SQL Developer Web, Oracle XML DB features, Spatial, cloning, integration with Oracle Management Cloud, and a whole lot more!

Autonomous Database Services

Oracle Autonomous Database brings together decades of database automation, decades of automating database infrastructure, and new technology in the cloud to deliver a fully autonomous database that is available in two flavors.

  • Autonomous Transaction Processing

    Provides market-leading performance with a fully tuned database optimized for transaction processing or mixed workloads.

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse

    Provides an easy-to-use, fully autonomous database that scales elastically, delivers fast query performance and requires no database administration.

Industry Leading Low Code Development Platform

With Oracle APEX and Autonomous Database, the configuration, patching, monitoring, and upgrading of all Oracle APEX components is fully managed by Oracle. This reduces risk and saves you time and energy that can be spent on innovation.

Explore how Oracle APEX can be a catalyst for your organization to become more agile by developing solutions faster, for less cost, and with greater consistency.

Oracle RAD
  • Low Code Development

    Oracle APEX is a low code development platform enabling you to build sophisticated applications without becoming an expert in a vast array of web technologies. Explore how APEX simplifies and accelerates development, enabling you to focus on the problem at hand, not on repetitive coding.

  • Powerful Features

    Oracle APEX offers world-class components and functionality you need to build sophisticated applications that work on any device. Explore how Oracle APEX helps you build better apps with rich capabilities for data management, reporting, user interface, security, accessibility, monitoring, and globalization.

  • Simple Architecture

    Oracle APEX uses a metadata-driven architecture enabling fast data access, performance, and scalability, out of the box. Discover how this elegant architecture enables you to build applications that can scale with the Autonomous Database for any number of users on demand.

  • Easy Deployment

    Oracle APEX applications are portable and can run anywhere Oracle Database is installed. This enables you to immediately import your existing applications into your Autonomous Database. Explore how Oracle APEX affords you the flexibility of developing and deploying applications across your on-premises and cloud environments with ease.

  • Proven Results

    Oracle APEX has been used to successfully provide solutions for real business problems across industries and geographies. From the simplest app that turns a spreadsheet into a web app, to mission critical apps that are accessed daily by hundreds of thousands of users.

  • Vibrant Community

    Customers love Oracle APEX – it has one of the most vibrant, global, and growing communities Oracle has to offer. Learn how you can participate in this enthusiastic developer community.

Additional Tools

The Autonomous Database cloud services also include powerful technologies to access, manage, and maintain your data.

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