Service Updates for APEX on Autonomous Database


If you have not already tested and updated your APEX applications for the upcoming release, please do so before the upgrade occurs. Explicit testing on new APEX releases helps ensure that your applications continue working as expected, with no disruption to end-users.

You can test on a local, VM-based, or cloud-based environment that has a recent version of Oracle Database plus the upcoming release of APEX installed and configured. The latest version of APEX can be downloaded, for free, prior to Autonomous Database being upgraded from

Example test environments you may use include:

  • Free hosted "Development Only" APEX workspace available on
    {Note: This service is generally upgrade to the latest release prior to the new release being available for download}
  • Free Oracle Database XE, and then install the latest version of APEX
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service with APEX. You can use Oracle Cloud VM or Oracle Cloud Bare Metal.

APEX Upgrades

To assist Autonomous Database customers using APEX, Oracle provides forecasted timeframes for when your APEX service will be upgraded. Use this information to plan your APEX application testing as needed, prior to the upgrades being performed.

Note: Oracle reserves the right to change these dates at any time and without notice.