Service Updates for APEX on Autonomous Database

What's New

  • September 2020

    APEX, SQL Developer Web, and Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) are now natively supported in Autonomous Databases with private endpoints.

  • July 2020

    APEX 20.1 is now available on Autonomous Database on shared Exadata infrastructure! This upgrade delivers key enhancements for APEX applications such as friendly URLs, mega menus, additions to faceted search, and more. A full list of enhancements in APEX 20.1 is available here.

    If your Autonomous Database instance is on Oracle Database 18c, you must upgrade to Oracle Database 19c to get APEX 20.1. APEX is automatically upgraded once the database upgrade is complete.

  • June 2020

    You can now deploy a customer managed Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) to enable additional capabilities for your APEX applications including custom domain names or vanity URLs, Web Application Firewall (WAF), support for private endpoints, as well as large database connection pools.

See What's New in Autonomous Transaction Processing and What's New in Autonomous Data Warehouse for the full list of the noteworthy additions and enhancements.

APEX Upgrades

APEX on Autonomous Database on shared Exadata infrastructure is upgraded soon after a new APEX release becomes generally available. Customers are notified via email at least one week before the scheduled upgrade date.

There is a unique capability in APEX on Autonomous Database on shared Exadata infrastructure which enables you to validate your applications prior to the APEX upgrade. You can choose to defer the APEX upgrade for up to 45 days in Oracle Application Express Administration Services. Once APEX upgrade becomes available, you can test your applications on the new APEX release by cloning your database and upgrading APEX on the clone. After testing is successful, you can terminate the clone and upgrade your primary database. See this blog post and documentation for full instructions.

Latest APEX Patch Set Bundles are automatically applied on Autonomous Database on shared Exadata infrastructure and cannot be deferred.