Oracle Application Express

Introduction to Low Code Application Development

Low Code Development with Oracle Application Express

Low code application development is all about high productivity: more feature function, greater consistency, and higher fidelity, all with less effort.

Low code frameworks, such as Application Express, leverage powerful components that provide reporting, data visualization, and form controls. This allows an application developer to focus on solving the business problem and delivering superior solutions, with less time and effort spent on mundane and repetitive lower-level coding.

Development Tools Spectrum

Low code tools dramatically improve application development productivity and maintainability. Citizen developers can automate line of business processes and develop point solutions. However, low code tools are equally attractive to professional developers, as they can dramatically reduce the time and complexity of developing and maintaining applications. Robust low code tools allow the professional developer to augment the low code environment using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and by developing plug-ins.

When done properly, low code tools deliver superior productivity for the widest range of use cases using declarative programming. However, since low code tools inherently have limitations, it is important to provide optional full control by elegantly integrating procedural logic on the client (browser) and server tiers.

Building a Low Code Application


1Get an Environment

You get started by requesting a free service from This free evaluation service will be immediately provisioned and can be used to prototype your application.

Oracle Application Express is also available as a no-cost and fully supported feature of all Oracle Database Cloud Services and all on-premises Oracle Database editions, including the no-cost Oracle Database Express Edition (XE).

  • Free Evaluation Service

    The service is completely free for evaluation and prototype purposes. Sign up is free, quick and easy.

  • Installable into the free Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)

    You can run Application Express on Oracle XE, meaning you can develop locally on your notebook or VM.

  • Feature of all Oracle Database Cloud Services

    Oracle APEX is included with Oracle Database Cloud Service offerings and is enabled by default.

  • Feature of all editions of Oracle Database on premises

    You can run Application Express wherever the Oracle Database runs including on premises or in your own data center.

2Design Data Model

Oracle APEX is a data-first development platform. You can begin with an existing data model or create a new one from scratch. You can use SQL Workshop, which allows you to design or import data models from your browser, or, as an alternative to traditional modeling, you can also use Quick SQL, which enables authoring SQL using markdown-like shorthand.

  • Upload Spreadsheet Data

    You can start with a spreadsheet and upload it as the basis for your data model.

  • Use SQL Developer Data Modeler

    SQL Developer provides a fully featured Data Modeler to enable full control when designing your data model.

  • Use Quick SQL

    Quick SQL is a bundled productivity app that enables you to write markdown-like SQL syntax which is expanded into full SQL.

  • Run SQL Scripts

    Write your own SQL and easily run scripts using SQL Workshop, the built-in SQL IDE

3Develop Application

Use simple wizards to create and develop applications using only your browser. Move seamlessly between design and development modes using Quick Edit from the Developer Toolbar. Leverage your SQL skills to create dynamic reports and charts. Code your app solo or together with a team.

Here's a quick video of the application that was just created.

  • Wizard Based Development

    Follow simple wizards to create applications and page components

  • Page Designer

    Modern browser-based IDE with intuitive drag and drop layout and support for multiple developers working concurrently

  • Interactive Reports and Grids

    Selective columns, fixed headers, inline update, email subscriptions, sorting, pivots and more

  • Charts and Visualizations

    HTML5 modern responsive leveraging Oracle JET

  • Plug-in Extensibility

    Leverage a wealth of community plug-ins to extend provide additional App components

  • Universal Theme and Declarative UI

    Fully responsive, customizable and versatile user interface designed to be accessible and support bi-directional languages

4Deploy Application

For simple projects, deploying your App can be as easy as sharing a URL.

For systems that separate development and production environments, you can export and import your application in a single file. A single Oracle APEX export file includes the application definition and supporting objects.

  • Single File Export + Import

    Export or import entire applications or page components with a single file.

  • Application Build Options

    Selectively enable or disable application functionality per deployment.

  • Integrated Translation Framework

    Declaratively define and deploy multilingual applications.

  • Full Application Portability

    You can develop on the cloud and deploy on premises, or vice versa. No strings attached.


Learn More

Application Express has more than ten years of real-world usage and community activity. Visit the Oracle Technology Network to find documentation, collateral, success stories, news articles, and much more.