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Report Printing

  • Built-in PDF printing for Interactive Grids. Make sure to enable PDF as additional download format in your region attributes. Users can change the page orientation and size in the download dialog.

Session Timeout Alerts

  • No more unexpected session timeouts! Users will now be alerted shortly before their session is about to expire, and will have the opportunity to extend it. A second alert will be displayed when the session does finally expire.

Redwood UI

  • The user interface of APEX and the App Builder has been refreshed to align better with Redwood, Oracle's new user experience design language.

Friendly URLs

  • The URL syntax for pages and applications has been simplified to allow for friendlier URLs. Friendly URL support is enabled on the UAT instance for new applications.

Faceted Search Enhancements

  • Faceted Search has been enhanced to allow for cascading list of values, conditional facets and compact count display, among other enhancements.

Data Loading for Oracle Autonomous Database

  • Data loading will be extended to support loading files from Oracle Cloud OCI Object Store, and also support file formats Parquet and Avro.

Basic Support for SODA Collections

  • Load XML or JSON files to new or existing SODA collections
  • Review and manage SODA collections in SQL Workshop > Object Browser.

Mega Menus

  • Navigation Menus in Universal Theme will be expanded to support a new mega menu user interface.

Oracle JET Library Upgrade

  • JET 8.0.0

One-click Remote Application Deployment

  • Deploy an application to remote Oracle Application Express instances using REST Enabled SQL references.
  • Deploy directly to Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) from on-prem or elsewhere once ADB is upgraded to 20.1


  • Legacy Team Development is desupported in 20.1, and has been removed. New Team Development should be used for the management of your project issues tracking needs.
  • New Interactive Grid URL Filtering Support
    • Examples contained in the following Sample Apps: Sample Interactive Grids, Sample Charts, and Sample Reporting
  • Download Authorization check for Interactive Report and Grids