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Oracle Application Express (APEX) native Pie and Donut charts, using Oracle JET Data Visualizations, are showcased on this page. Pie charts are useful for visualizing parts of a whole, but do not display zero or negative values, and are therefore not recommended for data sets that may have negative or null data. Explore the wide range of chart attributes declaratively available with our native charts, to format and customise the style of your charts.

Pie Chart

Donut Chart (Sorting)

Donut Chart ( New Declarative Label Option )

Donut Chart v2 (Labels Outside Slice)

Pie Chart (Series Colors)

Colors set via SQL Query

Colors set via JS Code

Master Detail Chart Links

Drill into a slice of the Products pie chart on the left, to display its associated orders in the Orders bar chart on the right. To drill using the mouse, click on the chart slice. To drill using the keyboard, navigate to the slice and hit Enter.

For more information on the drilling attribute, refer to the ojChart API.

Products (Master chart)

Orders (Detail chart)