A new Modal LOV Item plug-in that supports the Interactive Grid
  • Works well with Universal Theme
  • Click the search icon to open the LOV
  • Or start typing in the textfield to open the LOV



Form item sizes

The items have the Universal Theme look & feel. The row highlighting in de modal uses the theme style colors.

Cascading LOV parent item(s)

The plug-in supports cascading item values. Changing the parent item value will clear the value of this plug-in.

Item validation on submit

The plug-in has builtin support for validation. It checks if the value in the input is a present in the LOV.

Native Dynamic Actions

Setting the value will get the display value with an AJAX callback. Or use the following code:

Change other plug-in settings

You can change the number of rows, the search placeholder, hide/show column names or set the title for the modal LOV for example.

Modal LOV item inside Modal Dialog Page

The plug-in has support for (nested) dialog pages. The Modal LOV will be appended to the top level page to make sure the LOV can be rendered without any issues.

Based on Shared Component LOV

When a Shared Component LOV is used, the item label will be used as column header. The return value is not displayed in the Modal LOV. Be aware that a Shared Component LOV can only have two columns: display and return. You may choose to switch off the column heading.

Interactive Grid Item

Change the manager to use the plug-in

Interactive Grid - Cascading LOV parent item(s)

Select the best friend per person based on the same country to use the plug-in.