Vincent Morneau
Our slider is a simple and elegant image carousel. You can also have captions that will be transitioned on their own depending on their alignment. You can also have indicators that show up on the bottom of the slider.
Note: This is also mobile friendly. Try swiping with your finger to scroll through the slider.
  • This is our 1st Tagline!

    Here's our 1st slogan.
  • This is our 2nd Tagline!

    Here's our 2nd slogan.
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Template Options
Template Options
Component Name: Template Options
Template: Standard
Template OptionValue(s)Comments
Substitution Strings
  • Substitution Strings

  • #IMG# Image source for the slider entry background
  • #TITLE# Title for the slider entry
  • #DESCRIPTION# Description text for the slider entry
Sample Query
select '<img src="">' img
	, 'This is our 1st Tagline!' title
	, 'Here''s our 1st slogan.' description
from dual