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    Content Filter der virker

    Få en Content-Filter der er specielt tilpasset dine behov.

    The Content Filter app allows an administrator to enforce browsing policy. Policy can be enforced across all users or, group definitions can be created, allowing an admin to categorise users into groups - to be filtered uniquely based on the group policy/definition. The Content filter uses both blacklists and word association algorithms to determine suitable content based on category settings. Enabling the Content Filter app can be used to enforce company policy and/or meet regulatory compliance (eg. Children's Internet Protection Act or CIPA).

    The Application Filter can detect and block apps like Facebook, Netflix, Snapchat, and many others. It performs deep packet (DPI) and SSL certicate analysis to categorize and block dozens of services that be significant productivity drains in the workplace and/or time-wasters at home.

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