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The map region has static id "mymap".

Query for map plugin: select c003 as lat, c004 as lng, c002 as name, c001 as id, c002 || ' (id=' || c001 || ')' as info from apex_collections where collection_name = 'MAP'

Dynamic action on plugin event markerClick with actions Set Value on P1_CLICKED, to JavaScript Expressions: "" + + "" + and for P1_POSITION: + "," +

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Source data

-17.960934122.212257Cable Beach10Cable Beach (id=10)
-24.884879113.656654Carnarvon9Carnarvon (id=9)
-31.181378117.380332Wyalkatchem3Wyalkatchem (id=3)
-31.824755115.739808Hillarys Boat Harbour11Hillarys Boat Harbour (id=11)
-31.869722116.034851Stratton2Stratton (id=2)
-31.958206115.864348boss's office4boss's office (id=4)
-31.998759115.538063Rottnest Island6Rottnest Island (id=6)
-32.013843116.001141Wattle Grove5Wattle Grove (id=5)
-32.116202116.065471home1home (id=1)
-32.123472116.101037Araluen Botanical Park13Araluen Botanical Park (id=13)
-32.441371118.89739Wave Rock12Wave Rock (id=12)
-33.645277115.34254Busselton7Busselton (id=7)
-33.852597121.897087Esperance8Esperance (id=8)
0.00.0Null Island14Null Island (id=14)