Geometry Data Not Loaded

This page requires the country border geometry loaded into the jk64demo_countries table.

To load this data, run jk64demo_countries_geometry.sql. You can download this script from here.

Load GeoJSON from database


A Dynamic Action on the Country select list uses the APEX CLOB Load 2 plugin to load the geometry for the country's borders into the hidden P22_GEOJSON item.

A Dynamic Action on P22_GEOJSON runs the JK64 Report Google Map R1 Action action "loadGeoJsonString", with the value based on the following JavaScript expression:


Alternatively, to load GeoJSON onto the map programmatically, the following Javascript API call may instead be used: $("#map_testmap").reportmap("loadGeoJsonString", '...your geoJON here...');

Even better, you can load GeoJSON onto the map via the SQL Query.