APEX Developer Password

You will need to reset the password for your APEX Account to run any applications. When your email address account was created within APEX, the password was randomly set, and is not the same as your Oracle account password.

  • To reset your password for your email address account - click Administration (top right),
    then select Change My Password.

    Note: SSO is not available in this Early Adopter. The Application Builder utilizes SSO authentication, however, you cannot use SSO authentication for any applications defined in your workspace.

    Upgrade JET, jQuery UI, jQuery versions

    jQuery 3.1.1 breaks compatibility with earlier 2.x versions. For applications that still rely on removed 2.x functionality there is the jQuery Migrate plugin that is included when the Desktop User Interface Details attribute Include jQuery Migrate is set to Yes. If your application relies on removed 1.x jQuery APIs that functionality will not work in 18.1. You will need to update the JavaScript to only use jQuery 3.1 APIs. See the jQuery migration guides for details.

    jQuery UI 1.12.x has changed the folder structure and files that make up the library compared to version 1.10.4. If you have direct references to any of the old file filenames then you will need to update them to the new name. For example if you previously referenced the tabs widget with "https://static.oracle.com/cdn/apex/23.2.4/libraries/jquery-ui/1.13.2/ui/minified/jquery.ui.tabs.min.js" it would need to change to "https://static.oracle.com/cdn/apex/23.2.4/libraries/jquery-ui/1.13.2/ui/widgets/minified/tabs.min.js"

    The APEX specific bundle jquery-ui-apex[.min].js that is loaded by default for APEX desktop UI pages (either as jquery-ui-apex.js or as part of desktop[_all].min.js) includes all the core files, the drop effect, and these widgets:

    • button
    • checkboxradio
    • controlgroup
    • datepicker
    • dialog
    • draggable
    • droppable
    • resizable
    • selectable
    • sortable
    • tooltip

    This is essentially the same set as in 1.10.4 with the addition of sortable. If you had a separate reference to sortable it can be removed.

    The jquery-ui-apex[.min].css file is loaded by default and includes all the jQuery UI CSS files. If you had references to individual jQuery UI css files they can be removed.

    REST Service Consumption

    • Classic Reports created based on a REST Service only support the Rows X to Y pagination scheme. When other pagination schemes are chosen in page designer, an error message will be thrown at runtime.
    • The Compute Sum feature in a classic report will not work for REST services.

    REST Services Workshop

    • Migration of APEX Based Restful services to ORDS may fail with a duplicate value error if more than one APEX Based RESTful service module has a base URI that is null.
    • After successful migration of APEX Based Restful Services to ORDS, if the base schema and workspace names are not the same, users will likely encounter a 404 error when trying to access the ORDS based RESTful services.

    Interactive Grid

    • An inline date picker column item does not show as a popup
    • The new copy down, fill, and clear actions when there is a row selection do not correctly indicate the changes
    • An empty editable Interactive Grid throw JS error 'Cannot read property 'find' of null' (Bug 27731446)

    JavaScript API Documentation

    In 18.1 we plan to switch our JavaScript API Reference documentation to be generated from JSDoc comments in the source code. It will still be delivered as part of the Oracle Application Express Documentation. For EA-2 we are providing an early release of the JavaScript API Reference independent of the general APEX doc:

    JavaScript Doc

    The documentation is a work in progress and has not yet been reviewed. It is missing a number of intended sections:

    • dynamic actions
    • event
    • locale
    • message
    • navigation
    • storage
    • theme
    • tabs widget
    • interactiveGrid widget
    • recordView widget

    Note: The APIs documented in the final release is subject to change. Some APIs documented in this pre-general availability EA-2 documentation may change or may not end up documented in the final 18.1 release.

    Packaged App Issues

    • The Tag Entry plug-in, used by several packaged apps, prevents modal dialogs from rendering properly.
    • P-Track: Using the new 18.1 version, deinstall&reinstall of the app results in a pre-requisite error. Workaround is to delete table EBA_PROJ_ISSUE_LEVELS via SQL Commands (bug 27868581 )

    List View Region Limitations

    • Styles including styles for the filter input field are not yet implemented. For now manually load mobile styles on the page by adding "https://static.oracle.com/cdn/apex/23.2.4/libraries/jquery-mobile/1.4.5/jquery.mobile-1.4.5.css" to the page CSS File URLs attribute.
    • Nested Lists are not yet supported. The Is Nested List View attribute should be left unchecked.


      • The test Quality Insurance - Deprecated attribute values and Declarative References of Application Items, Page Items, Columns or Interactive Report Filters is currently broken. Please disable it's checkbox before running Perform Check.

        AnyChart Flash Components

        • The AnyChart and AnyGantt Flash .swf files are no longer shipped as part of the APEX images folder. This will result in your map chart and Gantt charts no longer rendering. No error message will be displayed, instead the region will be blank. A patch will be available for 18.1, should users wish to continue using the Flash-based copmonents in their apps, but those components will not render in EA-2.

          Page Designer Region Issues

          • For regions using Location: Local Database and Type: Table/View, entering Source: Where Clause or Order By results in a 'table or view does not exist' error. The page can still be saved.
          • For Column Toggle and Reflow reports setting the Format Mask has no effect.
          • When defining a link for the Tree region the Set Items: Value popup LOV does not list the tree columns.