Shipped Demo Data (used, if no query is defined)

Initial graph options: ```javascript { "wrapLabels": true, "useDomParentWidth": true, "lassoMode": true, "debug": true } ``` Debug is only set to true to render the "Customize Me" link for you. If you are the developer of the application and you have a application builder session and the builder toolbar is visible, then the "Customize Me" link is automatically rendered. In a production environment it is recommended to disable the debug mode, because it writes many informations to the JavaScript console and normally the end users should not modify the graph.

Plugin Description

This plugin uses the D3 visualization library from [][d3] to render a network layout and has the following features: - Works with APEX versions >= 5.1.4 or standalone in every HTML page - Interactive customization wizard - Source data can be a XML string, JSON string or JavaScript Object (JSON) - Link directions are visible and self references are rendered in a nice way - Node sizes are calculated between given min and max values depending on the SIZEVALUE attribute in your source data - Node colors are assigned depending on the given COLORVALUE attribute in your source data - if you provide a IMAGE attribute for a node, then the image is used instead of a fill color - Optional tooltips depending on the given INFOSTRING attribute in your source data - If you have a node attribute called LINK, you can define on which event the URL should be called - default is dblclick - try it out by double clicking the node KING - Nodes can be pinned and the current positions can be saved and loaded to predefine a layout - optionally you can align the nodes to a grid when they are dragged around - Labels can be wrapped and placed after force end to prevent overlapping (optional, per default switched off) - With the lasso mode you can select nodes and implement a graphical multi select - The graph can be zoomed between the two configured min and max scale factors - There is a JavaScript API to interact with the graph ([API reference][docs]), also including 12 events (node click, node double click, node contextmenu, node mouse enter, node mouse leave, link click, lasso start, lasso end, force start, force end, render end, resize) - All 12 events are available in APEX - the plugin region can be AJAX refreshed and triggers then also apexbeforerefresh and apexafterrefresh LINKS: - [Download latest plug-in & demo app][zip] - [Docs & API Reference][docs] - [Sourcecode][src] - [License: MIT][mit] - [Issues][#] Happy networking! Ottmar [d3]: [docs]: [src]: [mit]: [zip]: [#]: