APEX Developer Password

You will need to reset the password for your APEX Account to run any applications. When your email address account was created within APEX, the password was randomly set, and is not the same as your Oracle account password.

  • To reset your password for your email address account - click Administration (top right),
    then select Change My Password.

    Note: SSO is not available in this Early Adopter. The Application Builder utilizes SSO authentication, however, you cannot use SSO authentication for any applications defined in your workspace.

    New Form Region

    • Custom error messages defined in Form Automatic Row Processing (DML) process attributes are not respected by the form region.
    • When creating Report and Form pages on a Web Source Module, the wizard does not respect the Columns shuttle selection. Instead it uses all columns from the Web Source Module to create Report and Form pages.

    SQL Workshop Data Loading

    • When loading an XLSX file and the worksheets contain "partially" formatted data, e.g. "This is a bold text", then this data won't be detected and the cells will be loaded as NULL. Cells without formatting or with one format for the whole content will be detected correctly.
    • When loading a file to the Load Data wizard, the drag & drop option will not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers. Please use the "Choose File" option to upload a file for processing.

    App Builder Dark Mode

    • Setting Dark Mode to Yes will apply the dark theme to your workspace. However when you re-login to the workspace, the Dark Mode setting of Yes is not being respected.

    REST Services (Web Source Modules)

    • TIMESTAMP data types are not correctly discovered when a Web Source Module is created based on an ORDS REST Service.

    JET Charts

    Sample Charts links to Oracle JET Cookbook and API guide, reference version 6.0.0 instead of 6.1.0. Use the following links instead:

    AnyChart Flash Components

    • The AnyChart and AnyGantt Flash .swf files are no longer shipped as part of the APEX images folder. This will result in your map chart and AnyChart Gantt charts no longer rendering. No error message will be displayed, instead the region will be blank. A patch will be available for 19.1, should users wish to continue using the Flash-based copmonents in their apps, but those components will not render in EA-1.