REST Enabled Forms

  • The built-in support for REST-enabled SQL and Web Sources has been extended to Form regions and allow read and write access to remote data sources. The APEX_EXEC PL/SQL API will also be extended to support read and write.
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New Data Loading

  • The data upload functionality in SQL Workshop has been modernized with a new drag & drop user interface and support for native Excel, CSV, XML and JSON documents. The same capabilities have been added to the Create App from Spreadsheet wizard and a new, public data loading PL/SQL API (Package APEX_DATA_PARSER) will be made available.
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App Builder Dark Mode

  • The development environment of APEX can now be rendered with a darker color scheme, which reduces eye strain and is especially helpful for those who are developing late into the night.

Oracle JET and jQuery Library Upgrades

  • JET 6.1.0
  • jQuery 3.3.1
  • jQuery UI 1.12.1

JET Charts

  • Status Meter Gauge
    • New JET chart type which supports 3 rendering options: Circular, Horizontal, and Vertical.
    • Automatically replaces desupported JET Dial Gauge chart.
  • Gantt Chart Enhancements
    • New declarative Tooltip options, for better control over the information displayed in tooltips.
    • New examples in Sample Charts app, page 3
  • Stack Chart Enhancements
    • New declarative Stack Label option, to render stack value totals on top of each stack.
    • New declarative Stack Category option, to easily render stack charts with multiple stacks.
  • Text Formatting Enhancements
    • New declarative options to set the font family, style, size and color for axes titles and values, series values, and legend values.
  • Sample Charts app Enhancements
    • New in 19.1 section added to Reference page, to highlight new features and functionality introduced in 19.1.

    Interactive Grid Enhancements

    Miscellaneous Features

    • New Inline Popup region template.
    • New Dynamic Actions Close Region, and Open Region that work with inline dialogs, inline popup, and collapsible regions.