JET Charts

Sample Charts links to Oracle JET Cookbook and API guide, reference version 7.1.0 instead of 7.2.0. This is intended for the EA, and will be addressed for our production release.

Faceted Search

Inline Lists of Values (LOV) on classic report columns do not work with Faceted Search. This will be addressed for the production release. On the Early Adopter, please use Named LOVs (Shared Components > Lists Of Values) for Faceted Search report columns.

Enhanced Popup LOV

When the Popup LOV attribute Manual Entry is On, the LOV return value gets displayed in the popup. This should display the LOV display value.

Expanded Shared LOVs

The LOV edit page now supports defining Additional Display Columns, which are used for example by the new Popup LOV item type. There is a bug currently that means if you have previously defined additional column metadata, and then change the LOV query on the edit page, the column metadata will be removed. If this happens, you will need to recreate the column metadata.

Interactive Grids

There is a regression in editing. When you tab out of a popup editing cell such as a text area the active editing context is lost. To work around this click with the mouse outside the cell and then in the cell again.

REST Services and REST Enabled SQL

Only HTTPS endpoints are allowed for HTTP outbound requests (Web Source Modules, APEX_WEB_SERVICE package). Invoking HTTP-only endpoints will lead in an URL prohibited error message.

New Team Development

If attaching a file larger than the limit set in Workspace Admin, the File Upload Dialog will show an error, but will not reset and allow the user to try again. To continue, close the dialog and click the Attach Files icon again.

If a non-image attachment has been deleted and a link to the attachment in the Issue Timeline is clicked, APEX will try to download the file and go to a blank screen. Clicking Back in the browser will return the user to the previous page.

When on the Issue Timeline page, clicking View Attachments and selecting the Include Attachment button does not insert a reference to the attachment into the comment editor.

Universal Theme 'Vita Dark' Style

When using the Vita Dark theme style of Universal Theme, some elements of an Interactive Grid are very difficult to see, due to the font color or color constrast in use. For example, text entered in the Search field; row menu options such as Copy Down, Revert Changes; colors of a checkbox on an Editable Interactive Grid. Some elements of an Interactive Report are also difficult to see, due to insufficient color contrast. For example, the Top-Users Report in the Activity Reports Section generated by the Create App wizard.


The 19.2 documentation is not yet available, so the Documentation links on intentionally redirect to our 19.1 content.