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Hortica Insurance and Employee Benefits
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Mike Riley is the current President of ODTUG (Oracle Development Tools User Group – http://www.odtug.com) and has been the ODTUG Oracle Open World Technical Content Leader, the ODTUG SIG Chair, and ODTUG Vice President as well as the 2008 ODTUG Kaleidoscope Conference Chair. Mike is also a Project Manager/DBA with Hortica Insurance and Employee Benefits, a mutually owned insurance company dedicated to providing the very highest quality insurance products and employee benefits to the horticultural industry. Mike has 24+ years of experience; consulting with the Department of Defense, working for a large clothing and shoe retailer, and currently with Hortica Insurance and Employee Benefits (http://www.hortica-insurance.com), including 20+ years of Oracle experience, spanning many versions of the database and tools. He has led many successful projects throughout his career including leading a development team to create a rating system for worker’s compensation insurance, using Designer, Developer, Reports, and other third-party tools. He has also taken part in many database upgrades/migrations and disaster recovery planning and testing.
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