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Database, Private Cloud, Distributed Storage, Docker Containers, DevOps, Project Management
I am currently working as Cloud & Data Architect in Information Technology Management Department of Haitong Securities Co.,Ltd., and responsible for works related cloud architecture and data architecture. The scope of my works include: 1)Responsible for planning and construction of Haitong financial cloud, which contains IaaS/PaaS/SaaS; 2)Corporate with business architect to design, create, deploy and manage company's data architecture; 3)Define how the data will be stored, consumed, integrated and managed by different data entities and IT systems; 4)Depth in data modeling and database design, and Conceive and portray the big data picture; 5)Responsible for researching and applying new technologies, such as: Private Cloud, Distributed Storage, DevOps, Docker Containers. Since joining the work, I do enjoy learning new things, doing research, solving problems in communities(such as DBAPlus, ACOUG, OTN, ITPUB, etc.). As much as learning, I like sharing my knowledge, because I truly believe that the process of sharing the knowledge we know is a fantastic way for me to learn more. I also co-founded the DBAPlus community in 2015. In the process of knowledge sharing, I got some awards and honors, such as Oracle ACE, Oracle Young Expert, ITPUB Moderator and Community Expert and so on. My blog(royalwzy.com) is long-term maintained and updated. Technical Skills: Database, Private Cloud(such as OpenStack), Distributed Storage(such as Ceph), Docker Containers, DevOps, Project Management.
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Family, Traveling, Basketball, X-sports
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