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Working as Senior Developer in Turkcell Technology. He has been working with Oracle for many years. Experienced mostly on ETL/ELT development, Performance Tuning SQL and PL/SQL.He develops very large-scale projects using Oracle Technologies. He has a deep knowledge of Oracle architecture, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL and Performance Tuning. He has a blog, which he's been writing in for approximately five years, where Emrah provides both Turkish (http://emrahmete.wordpress.com/) and English (http://emrahmeteen.wordpress.com/) content on Oracle related topics for Oracle professionals. Emrah was awarded the first-ever SQL Devvy (Oracle Database Developer Choice Award) by Oracle Technology Network in October 2015. He won this award with strong community support and the highest vote total of all finalists across all categories. In addition, Emrah is an Oracle Certified Expert and Emrah is a manager/moderator of OracleTurk Yahoo mailing groups, which has approximately 2000 members.Emrah helps to communicate between this mailing group members and answering technical or non-technical questions from members worldwide. Additionally, Emrah is a board member of TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group) and Chairman of Database Development SIG.
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