How To

Combobox (searchable select list) is a great replacement to the standard select
list and apex autocomplete, this is easy to configure and easy to use which also
enables you to add new value to the drop down list on the fly.

Comes with two options:

Lazy Loading: If set to yes, the matching values will be read from the database
each time the user types a character. If set to no, all values will be read only
once when the page is rendered.

Allow Add New: Chose yes if you want to allow the user to add new values to the list
using below PL/SQL Block (Only Available if Lazy Loading is set to Yes)

PL/SQL Code for Add New: Enter the PL/SQL Function Body to populate the new value into
database table returning its ID (Only Available if Allow Add New is set to Yes).

Set Value of Combobox Using below syntax:
For Example:
1. Ensure you are running Oracle APEX version 4.0 or higher
2. Unzip and extract all files
2. Access your target Workspace
3. Select the Application Builder
4. Select the Application where you wish to import the plug-in 
   (plug-ins belong to an application, not a workspace)
5. Access Shared Components > Plug-Ins
6. Click [Import >]
7. Browse and locate the installer file, item_type_plugin_apex_vcplugin_combobox.sql
8. Complete the wizard

If the plug-in already exists in that application, you will need to confirm that you 
want to replace it.  Also, once imported, this plug-in can be installed into additional
applications within the same workspace.  Simply navigate to the Export Repository 
(Export > Export Repository), click Install, and then select the target application.
Once the install file is no longer needed, it can be removed from the Export Repository.

1. Follow the steps in INSTALLATION AND UPDATE
2. Copy the files of the directory "server" to the /images/plugins/combobox_item
   or any other directory on the web server
3. Set the "File Prefix" attribute of the plug-in to /i/plugins/combobox_item/

This will provide better performance, because the static files will be served by the web server
instead of reading them each time from the database.

1. Install the plug-in (see INSTALLATION AND UPDATE)
2. Create a new page item
3. Pick "Plug-Ins" as type
4. Select the plug-in "Combobox"
5. Follow the wizard and use Item Level Help to get more information about the
   purpose and usage of the different settings.

Note that you can also update existing items to use this new item-type, once installed.