Download IR Custom Actions Menu Plugin
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Dynamic action plugin to add custom menu item for the interactive report, Tested this in couple of themes on apex 4.0 and 4.1, it works excellent in IE, Firefox and Chrome.

To install this plugin just login to you app
1. Go into your Application
2. Click on Shared Components
3. Click on Plugins
4. Click on Import button
5. Upload the .sql file from this download using wizard.
6. Once the plugin is created you can see a new option in the Apex Advaned Dynamic actions screen called 'IR Custom Actions menu'.
Interactive Report With Custom Actions Menu
Page NameTypeHighlightsPage Id
Use of ROWIDApex 4.1Application Express now supports the use of ROWID for updates, inserts and deletes as an alternative to specifying primary keys. Previously you could only specific two primary key columns. Therefore, if your table had more than two key columns then you could not use the default DML processes and had to manually write your own processes. Use of ROWID is now the default method for any new DML processes generated.9
Text Messages (Translation)Shared ComponentsGlobalization > Text Messages14
Speech/Voice Recognition ItemHTML5Speech/Voice Recognition Item like Google search12
IR Actions Menu item pluginPluginAdd IR Actions Menu item using Dynamic Action Plugin58
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