resizeable Textarea (remembers Size)

This item type plug-in displays a textarea with a handle to resize its width and height. After resize is finished (release the handle) the current size is stored in an APEX Preference for the current logged on user. When the page is refreshed and the item is rendered, the size is read from the APEX Preference and the textarea is set to this size.

In other words: it doesn't forget which width/height you set last time.

You can have multiple resizeable textareas on a single page.

Without this plug-in, the size of the textarea won't be remembered and set back to its original size.

Read the Blogposting covering this Plugin.

Download from

Now change the size of these textareas and reload the page, you'll see that the size stays as you choose!


All visitors of this demo operate under the same user. This may lead to concurrent size changes and thus to an unexpected size on reloading this page.
However: in an environment with named user accounts (as soon as you use any kind of authentication) you'll have a consistent experience.