This documentation has been superseded by the Official Oracle Documentation of the Javascript Libraries , if you use Code from here double check against the official documentation as there are differences ,
Javascript Functions

Detail1$x(pNd)ActiveGiven a string id or a DOM nod51
Detail2$x_Hide(pNd)ShortcutHide a DOM Element or array of12
Detail4$x_Toggle(pNd)ActiveToggle a DOM Element or array 18
Detail6$x_Remove(pNd)ActiveRemoves a DOM Element11
Detail11$x_ShowSiblings(pNd)ActiveShows all sibling DOM Elements5
Detail12$x_Class(pNd,pClass)Activesets a DOM Element or array of2
Detail15$x_ShowChildren(pThis) ActiveShows all DOM Element children4
Detail24setClassByClass(t,c,p)ActiveSets a class attribute of of a0
Detail26$x_HideItemRow(pNd);ShortcutGiven a page item name it will3
Detail28$x_ToggleItemRow(pNd)ShortcutGiven a page item name it will0
Detail32htmldb_ToggleTableBody(pThis,pNd)Deprecatedreplaced by htmldb_ToggleWithI0
Detail33findPosX(obj)ActiveReturns the left position of a0
Detail34findPosY(obj)ActiveReturns the top position of a 0
Detail39html_replace(string,text,by) Active.3
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Current status of function/object
Active = function is the current functionality

Shortcut = function is a shortcut call for another function

Internal = function is used in the builder or is internal for another function and should not be used as it might be removed or rewritten

Deprecated = function call still available but has been superseded by another function.