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(+) APEX 4.2 Early Adopter1New Features in Oracle Application Express 4.2
... (+) APEX 4.2 Other Features941Numerous features and performance improvements
... (+) Application Builder Enhancements968Improvements made to the Application Builder
... (+) Data Upload Enhancements981Enahancements made to Data Upload
... (-) Dynamic Action Enhancements965Dynamic Action enhancements
...... Ajax based dynamic actions to work asynchronously599EA1Change certain server-side actions from firing synchronously to asynchronously. Additionally provide the developers with options on how subsequent actions are fired (queued or executed immediately.
...... Declarative support for buttons to be the affected elements of Dynamic Actions678EA1Allow selection of buttons within the 'Action > Affected Elements' in dynamic actions
...... Enable existing item types to work with JQuery Mobile997EA2Existing item types were modified so that they also work with jQuery Mobile when JavaScript / Dynamic Actions are used to manipulate them (eg. Set Value, Enable, Disable).

Text Field (incl. E-Mail, Phone, URL)
Date Picker (HTML5) (incl. Date, Date and Time)
...... Expose jQuery Mobile events through dynamic actions769EA1The jQuery Mobile framework exposes a number of events that provide useful hooks for developers of mobile applications. This feature extends the events exposed in the dynamic action framework, to incorporate these jQuery Mobile events.
...... Provide 'Custom' event in dynamic actions, to allow definition of any custom event767EA1Provide a 'Custom' or 'Other' option when specifying a dynamic action's event. This would allow greater flexibility for advanced developers to attach dynamic actions based on events that we do not provide as out of the box events. For example to respond to events from other JS frameworks, or to respond to custom events triggered by the developer on the page.

This would be an additional option in the When > Event saying 'Custom' or 'Other', then an additional field displays allowing freetext specification of any event.
...... Simplify Create Dynamic Action wizard1001EA2Provide a more streamlined and simplified create dynamic action wizard by removing the Standard/Advanced concept, adding additional quick pick options, etc.
...... Switch to new jQuery 'on' event registration (will be used by existing events and new mobile events)836EA1jQuery 1.7 introduces a new and improved event registration model, via the 'on' method. This combines the previous 'bind', 'live' and 'delegate' methods to register event handlers into 1 easy method. See here for details:
... (+) HTML 5 Charts856Integration of HTML5 charting capabilities
... (+) HTML 5 Item Types858Incorporate HTML 5 attributes into existing and new item types
... (+) Interactive Report Enhancements964Enhancements to Interactive Reports
... (+) JavaScript / API Enhancements967Enhancements made to JavaScript and associated APIs.
... (+) Mobile Application Building855Enhance the Application Builder to enable developers to declaratively build mobile applications
... (+) Mobile Calendars857Enhancements made to Calendar to support mobile application deployment.
... (+) Mobile Themes and Templates854Development of themes to support the development of mobile applications
... (+) Packaged Applications866A set of business productivity applications, easily installed into your workspace or Database Cloud service. Also includes a set of sample applications which demonstrate specific capabilities of Application Express.
... (+) Plug-In Enhancements893Plug-In enhancements
... (+) Websheet Enhancements980Websheet Enhancements
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