Marquee Feature:

(+) APEX 4.2 Early Adopter1New Features in Oracle Application Express 4.2
... (+) APEX 4.2 Other Features941Numerous features and performance improvements
... (+) Application Builder Enhancements968Improvements made to the Application Builder
... (+) Data Upload Enhancements981Enahancements made to Data Upload
... (+) Dynamic Action Enhancements965Dynamic Action enhancements
... (+) HTML 5 Charts856Integration of HTML5 charting capabilities
... (-) HTML 5 Item Types858Incorporate HTML 5 attributes into existing and new item types
...... Add CSS class to page item if an error occurred to support CSS styling843EA1If a validation error has occurred for a page item, it should be rendered with the additional CSS class "apex-page-item-error" to allow CSS styling of all page items which have an error.
...... Add HTML5 required attribute to support CSS styling841EA1Add the HTML5 "required" attribute to the generated INPUT/SELECT/TEXTAREA/... HTML controls if the "Required" = Yes for a page item.

This allows advanced CSS3 styling of required page items. See
...... Add support for HTML5 placeholder attribute to several item types837EA1The following item types should support the HTML5 placeholder attribute.

Color Picker
Date Picker
Date Picker (Classic)
List Manager
Number Field
Popup LOV
Text Field
Text Field with Calculator Popup
Text Field with autocomplete

The new attribute should also be exposed to plug-in developers.
...... Add support of HTML5 types EMAIL, TEL and URL for textfield item type835EA1Text Field should have new 'Subtype' to support HTML5 input types (email, phone, url). This is useful for touch based devices which show an optimized keyboard for the type.
...... New Display Orientation attribute for Checkbox/Radio Group Item Type888EA1The item types Checkbox and Radio Group should have a new attribute "Display Orientation" with the values


The default will be Vertical. This attribute will only be used for jQuery Mobile user interfaces.
...... New Item Type Slider883EA1Support new item type "Slider" which renders as

HTML5 range input type which is switched to a nice slider by jQuery Mobile and as
jQueryUI slider in non Mobile Environments
...... New item type Date Picker (HTML5)840EA1Add new item type "Date Picker (HTML5)" which is using the new HTML5 input types DATE and DATETIME-LOCAL which are supported by modern smartphone and tablet browsers to pick a date with native operating system controls.
...... New item type Yes/No (Flip Toggle Switch)882EA1Support new item type "Yes/No" selection which renders as

Flip Toggle Switch in jQuery Mobile User Interfaces and as
Select List in non Mobile Environments
...... Textareas should respect Maximum Width page item attribute842EA1Textareas should be changed to check for the "Maximum Width" attribute of a page item and not allow to enter more characters as defined. This will help to avoid constraint violations when the data gets saved into the database.
...... Use Browser Resizable Textarea feature889EA2Textareas should use the built-in resize support of the Browser to provide a better user experience if the browser supports it.
... (+) Interactive Report Enhancements964Enhancements to Interactive Reports
... (+) JavaScript / API Enhancements967Enhancements made to JavaScript and associated APIs.
... (+) Mobile Application Building855Enhance the Application Builder to enable developers to declaratively build mobile applications
... (+) Mobile Calendars857Enhancements made to Calendar to support mobile application deployment.
... (+) Mobile Themes and Templates854Development of themes to support the development of mobile applications
... (+) Packaged Applications866A set of business productivity applications, easily installed into your workspace or Database Cloud service. Also includes a set of sample applications which demonstrate specific capabilities of Application Express.
... (+) Plug-In Enhancements893Plug-In enhancements
... (+) Websheet Enhancements980Websheet Enhancements
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