Marquee Feature:

(+) APEX 4.2 Early Adopter1New Features in Oracle Application Express 4.2
... (+) APEX 4.2 Other Features941Numerous features and performance improvements
... (+) Application Builder Enhancements968Improvements made to the Application Builder
... (+) Data Upload Enhancements981Enahancements made to Data Upload
... (+) Dynamic Action Enhancements965Dynamic Action enhancements
... (+) HTML 5 Charts856Integration of HTML5 charting capabilities
... (+) HTML 5 Item Types858Incorporate HTML 5 attributes into existing and new item types
... (+) Interactive Report Enhancements964Enhancements to Interactive Reports
... (+) JavaScript / API Enhancements967Enhancements made to JavaScript and associated APIs.
... (+) Mobile Application Building855Enhance the Application Builder to enable developers to declaratively build mobile applications
... (-) Mobile Calendars857Enhancements made to Calendar to support mobile application deployment.
...... Calendar Creation Wizard changes to Support Mobile platform811EA1Based on the Choice made during the Calendar Creation whether it is Mobile version or Desktop version, some of the options shown while creation of calendar need to be changed.

1. Drag & Drop option will be removed for Mobile.

2. Display Type will be defaulted to PPR and option will not be shown

3. Open Link in will not be shown and defaulted to "Same Window"

4. Add Additional Option for Mobile version, like Default Calendar View choice like Month”,”Week”,”Day”,”Agenda”

5. Added option to select automatic Calendar type change based on Orientation
...... Create Additional Calendar Views812EA1Adding a list view/agenda view as an additional option with existing monthly/weekly/daily calendars
...... Create Mobile Template for all types of Calendar810EA1Creation of mobile-friendly calendar templates
...... Support of substitution strings in all the Close formats in Calendar Template805EA1Currently the close formats in the calendar Template like day close, weekend close, non day close does not support substitution, if #DD# is included as part of the close format it will display as it is without substitution.
... (+) Mobile Themes and Templates854Development of themes to support the development of mobile applications
... (+) Packaged Applications866A set of business productivity applications, easily installed into your workspace or Database Cloud service. Also includes a set of sample applications which demonstrate specific capabilities of Application Express.
... (+) Plug-In Enhancements893Plug-In enhancements
... (+) Websheet Enhancements980Websheet Enhancements
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