Marquee Feature: Data Upload Enhancements

(-) Data Upload Enhancements981Enahancements made to Data Upload
... Provide aliases for the data upload columns833EA1To avoid the end user having access to the table column names which can be confusing, we can provide a way for the developer to give alias names to the column names.
... Allow up to three columns to be passed in Data Upload Key Lookup retrieval830EA1Currently in data upload feature, with the column lookup it is only possible to pass the value of once column and get back a numerical number as return value.
This feature will be enhanced so that up to three columns values can be passed.
Also, the return value was assumed to be numeric, however there are cases where the return value may have different data type.
... Better management of Concurrency in data upload903EA1Allow developers to define a column for concurrency which will be used to ensure that if after the end user begins the data upload process a row has not been updated by another user.
... Character Set conversion for File Upload860EA1As discussed in different forum threads, the character set conversion is missing and this is a deficiency especially for the users who might be trying to upload files with different character sets.
... Multi column data load transformation rules868EA1Data upload transformation rules are often applicable to different columns. Instead of re-defining the same rule for each column, we can developer the user to re-apply the same rule to a number of different columns at the same time
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