Marquee Feature: Interactive Report Enhancements

(-) Interactive Report Enhancements964Enhancements to Interactive Reports
... Column Formatting for Interactive Reports columns894EA2Allow HTML expressions to be used in column definitions for Interactive Reports.
This will be rendered in the report and included in the HTML and Email downloads but will not be included in the CSV Download.
... Define "from" address in Interactive Report Subscription and Email Download695EA1Users can email Interactive report data using Subscription or Email download option. Both features do not have "from" address field. Currently, defined "To" address is used as "From" address. Both features need a way to define valid "from" address.
... Do not allow group by or chart queries to be displayed if they exceed max rows1012EA2display this error when needed, and do not display group by queries or charts:

Your current query retrieves more than (999,999) rows (the maximum row count for this report). The [group by / chart] view is only supported when all rows retrieved can be displayed. Please apply a filter.
... Expose template for IR icon view915EA1Allow for an optional template for icon view. Current template for IR icon view is hard coded to "#LABEL_COLUMN#". Provide optional override.
... Implement Easy Interface to Remove Interactive Report Subscription549EA1Enhance Interactive report subscription to include a link to unsubscribe. This way users don't have to guess where the email is coming from and where to stop the future email.
... Improve 'Saved IRs' to be preserved when Application Id Changed268EA1Currently a "Saved IR" is lost when an application in DEV is created in PROD with a different Application ID (E.g. APP 100 in DEV used to create APP 100, 200, and 300 in PROD - Any Saved IRs in APPs 200 and 300 lost when new version of application built as different WORKSHEET_IDs)

Solution is to introduce an "Immutable" ID which can be used (in conjunction with FLOW_ID) to automagically relink these lost reports.
... Improve Interactive Report Group By Sort1008EA2Interactive report group by previously didn't allow sorting columns beyond the 3rd column. If user defined 3 group by columns and 3 functions, they could sort only up to the 3rd group by column, but not on all of them. The group by sort was changed to have its own sort dialog to list all columns in the group by and let users sort on them.
... Include User information in Interactive report emails881EA1Interactive report email can spook users with invalid "from" address and email content.
... Increase the number of rows that an IR will allow by default.1013EA2Default newly created IRs to a maximum of 1 million rows and not 100,000
... Interactive Report API Providing Runtime SQL Query746EA1Provide an API returning an IRR's current SQL query to help advanced developers add functionality that is dependent on the current information displayed in an interactive report region.
... Interactive Report Public API939EA1Interactive report specific Public API to change interactive report settings. Prior to 4.2, Interactive public API exists in APEX_UTIL. The following in APEX_UTIL will be deprecated:

The use of new API, APEX_IR is encouraged. Having Interactive report specific API will help developers to see what is available and use easily.
... Provide ability to set NLS_COMP and NLS_SORT for Interactive and Classic Reports978EA2Provide declarative attributes for customers to specify the NLS_SORT and NLS_COMP settings that should be issued before running an Interactive Report or Classic Report query. This is an often-request feature from customers, especially multi-lingual customers like French Canadians. Customers need to be able to provide accent-insensitive searching.
... Support equal,'=', operator for Interactive Report Date column filter910EA1Interactive report filter dialog supports equal, '=', operator for all other type other than DATE. This feature enables users to filter on a date column to filter on a specific date using equal operator.
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Early Adopter 1.0