Marquee Feature: Websheet Enhancements

(-) Websheet Enhancements980Websheet Enhancements
... Entend WS?P to link directly to Websheet Data Grid and Data Grid row (form view)950EA1Allow a link to edit a data grid or a data grid row to be exposed / emailed.
... Expose cookie name in UI to support session sharing808EA1For applications of the same workspace (both db apps and websheet apps) to share the same session and not require re-authentication, their session cookie names must be the same. Websheets should expose the cookie name in the UI, to allow them to share the same session.
... Include "Allow SQL and PL/SQL" option in create Websheet Wizard990EA2Allow application developers to specify they want to allow SQL and PL/SQL regions and reports when creating the application rather than having to create the application and then having to Edit Properties.
... Websheet Data Section Enhancement900EA2Add the ability to include an Add Row button, edit row link and max row display in a Data Section based on a Data Grid.
... Websheet Toolbar Menu Enhancement986EA2Enhance Websheet Toolbar Menu as follows:
1. Move the View drop-down to be the first drop-down (before Create)
2. Add as the first entry in the View drop-down: Home Page … Alt-H {which simply navigates to the home page}
3. Remove the Reports entry in the View drop-down
4. Create a new Reports drop-down between Data Grids and Administration drop-down
5. Have same type of entries as in Data Grid drop-down {New Report; (List of Reports); View All … Alt-R}
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Early Adopter 1.0