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SqlDevWorksheetEDITABLE Result SetsCurrently unable to switch from TOAD as we can't edit based on the results of a SQL query. WouldRejected9.443,663.00
SqlDevExtensionsAllow connection to PostgreSQLThis is probably not in line with Oracle's strategy, but it would certainly help SQL Developer toIn Release 4.09.321,463.00
SqlDevConnectionsSet SchemaCreate a drop-down list for changing the default schema, similar to the drop-down list for changiRejected9.431,462.00
SqlDevPreferencesDynamic Background Color.I would like to be able to have different background color in my sql editor based on the databaseIn Release 4.09.391,343.00
SqlDevVersioninggit supportGit support was brought up in the OTNforums and Sue suggested mentioning it here for discusIn Release 4.09.891,019.00
SqlDevNavigatorBetter Versioning SupportThe versioning built into 1.5 is a great start but is lacking from a database development point oAccepted9.73983.00
SqlDevWorksheetEditor/Worksheet "Copy to clipboard" should include HTML and/or RTF clipboard formatsWhen copying code from the Editor/Worksheet window, the selection should be placed on the cOpen9.84964.00
SqlDevUSave/Restore WorkspaceAbility to save and restore the current SQL Developer workspace, including connections; window/pane Accepted9.72962.00
SqlDevPreferencesAllow Font Settings Over Various ComponentsAllow to specify different Font format (font style, size, background color, foreground)on eAccepted9.38957.00
SqlDevNavigatorTabbed interface (TOADs Schema Browser)I really like the tabbed interface provided by TOAD to view objects in the database - I'm not a fRejected8.77859.00
SqlDevVersioningSQL Developer should work with TFSSQL Developer should have the ability to work with Team Foundation Server (TFS). Using the MSSCCIRejected9.68852.00
ModelExtensionsinclude API documentation of java objects for scripting engine (for transformations, custom rules etc)Currently there is only a very rudimentary documentation sqldeveloper/extensions/oracle.datamodelOpen9.88632.00
SqlDevNavigatorPackage spec/body at same levelAs in 1.0. Now you have to lose navigator space expanding the spec (and possibly having 100s of dRejected9.45624.00
SqlDevExport/ImportExport date to Excel as dateWhen exporting a date column to Excel it is formatted as 'Standard' and therefore Excel is sorting iAccepted9.22618.00
SqlDev-Bind Value Data TypesAllow setting data types for bind variables, rather than all bind variables being hard-coded to VARCAwaiting Community Votes9.49579.00
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