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Until Version 4.1 it's only implemented in the SQL Developer. Please do the same in DataModeler1018-SEP-15
We're planning to migrate from Designer to SQL Developer Data Modeler and from CVS to GIT. This feature is very important for us and i think for many other companys out there !1015-JAN-14
This is really a necessity now, isn't it?1019-AUG-13
We are migrating from SVN to git, please add git support.1022-JUL-13
Definitely YES!1017-JUL-13
Yes, please1016-JUL-13
Git is the present and the future of source code control for most teams. Built in support would be very useful.1018-JUN-13
Yes please!1020-MAY-13
GIT support soon!! Please!!!!1029-APR-13
Git is the next wave of version control. We could use this integration.1010-APR-13
We also now have migrated to git from svn so this would be very useful1002-APR-13
I would very much like to have it, given that SVN support is limited to V1.6 and using SVN v1.7 will create a lot of issues in SQL Developer.1027-MAR-13
Yes GIT, yes GIT like yesterday please.1024-MAR-13
git seems to be the future so it would be nice to have built in support.1022-MAR-13
We have moved away from SVN to git for all new projects. So git support in SQL Developer would be great and could make frequent switching to command line / git gui obsolete.1028-FEB-13
It would be great to have GIT implemented1025-FEB-13
We are moving all our projects from SVN to GIT. It would be useful having sql developer work with GIT too.820-FEB-13
I like sql developer but the development standards require git and the work around's a pain.1010-JAN-13
Good idea. 1027-DEC-12
very useful!!1022-DEC-12
We are also switching to GIT and having hooks into it from SQL Developer would be a great productivity boost1004-DEC-12
Any comments from the team on this at all?1019-NOV-12
Our application vendor is going to be using GIT so this would be of great value to us.1008-NOV-12
my company changed from svn to git1005-NOV-12
A decent integration with git would save me a lot of time fiddling with copy/paste/"Aquamacs magit". Git is far better than Subversion in many ways and it's fast becoming popular.1001-NOV-12
Git runs circles around all other CVS systems out there! Advantages of Git:   local branch(es)   ability to push to legacy systems like SVN, CVS* *=Never used it myself, but I hear it's possible from people who are (stuck) using it.1001-OCT-12
we are moving to Git too coming from SVN, would love support in SQL Dev : )1026-SEP-12
git is better then SVN, and we are switching to GIT, SVN become legacy1020-SEP-12
GIT is a very popular open source Version Control System. It would be very useful to support GIT as a version control system.1020-SEP-12
GIT support would be great1021-AUG-12
Highly Desirable1018-JUL-12
git branch and merge workflow is great once you get used to it1022-JUN-12
I like git verry much and use it on top of another centralized SCM1014-JUN-12
Git support would be very desirable. Most IDEs have it.1008-MAY-12
This is extremely important to the project I'm currently working on and I think it will be beneficial for many developers. 1030-APR-12
Get R Done Dad Gummit.1012-APR-12
We need GIT support ASAP1010-APR-12
git is becoming increasingly more popular1028-MAR-12
Fairly needed nowadays.1027-MAR-12
No git, no use.915-MAR-12
Branching and partial updates locally would be fantasic with the ability to use the git svn features of rebase and dcommit1020-FEB-12
must use git, no choice1013-FEB-12
Yes, yes and yes.1008-FEB-12
This is why we cannot use SQL Developer for production.1016-JAN-12
With added usage of git and the coming of open source git repo's, I think this is an important new feature.1005-JAN-12
GIT support would be excellent.1023-NOV-11
Necessary to maintain relevancy in modern software development environments, as well as open source projects (Github)1003-NOV-11
Our company will migrate from cvs to git next year. Then it will be very useful to be supported.1002-NOV-11
Very desirable feature. We are migrating from perforce to git.1031-OCT-11
Are you kidding me? This is one of the most important version control systems available today. This is a must have feature.1031-OCT-11
It would be helpful as we use Git in our company1018-OCT-11
It would be very useful to support GIT as a version control system.1015-SEP-11
git support would be very helpful1005-APR-11
I'll vote for this because git is extremely good; we use it for all of our Oracle Applications development. 1011-MAY-10
+10 for this. Git is definitely the best (and most popular?) free source control management around.1022-APR-10
I concur, git can be very helpful.1024-MAR-10
Git support would be very nice.1008-DEC-09
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