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Really need to default to a configurable location.1009-NOV-15
So usefull!1004-NOV-15
It extremely important.1010-AUG-15
It's very annoying to miss this feature.1013-MAY-15
It's extremely needed1002-NOV-14
One of the first settings I tried to change. Thanks!1029-JUL-14
This would be a huge time saver. If I could see "Recent Places" in Windows 7 that would rock!1018-JUL-14
I am missing this option!!1005-JUN-14
Not having this feature is an irritation and an inconvenience on multiple occassions every single day.1022-MAY-14
This would be extremely useful.1013-MAR-14
I need this feature in all file related operations!1006-MAR-14
Extremely annoying that every time I want to save a file I have to navigate through to my preferred location..1008-NOV-13
Not having this feature annoys me on a daily basis.1008-NOV-13
Yes, please. 1025-FEB-13
Yes please! Would save lots of time. :)919-JAN-13
I need this feature too :)1019-JAN-13
This should be a "connection level" setting in the Connection property sheet. I would suspect many of us have separate folder trees for each connection for our schema specific script files, etc., as well as a "common scripts" folder912-SEP-12
From a post I put on Jeff Smith's blog: Hi Jeff, I know you can set the default location for scripts at: Tools > Preferences > Database > Worksheet But what about a default for File Open (say when you first open SQL Dev)? Is there a default for that? If not, how can we control the options on the left of the File Open dialog? Regards, Dan1007-MAR-12
while this always opens to (within Windows) my document and settings area, it would be a boon to be able to change this default directory (seems that I can change all of other directories!)719-JAN-11
This is a real pain   how about something like the TOAD option to add favourite locations to the open / save dialogues?1009-DEC-10
Wouldn't even be necessary to provide a new preference; just use the default path to look for scripts.707-JUL-10
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