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Would come in very handy in order to prevent that co workers have to do it all over again and/or for co workers that do not have access to one or both of the compared schema's.729-JAN-16
I have a few customers who have asked if this was possible and would also like to see the feature introduced.810-NOV-15
This is needed, so that DBA can share info to other teams/ developers, who can not run the report themselves.1028-SEP-15
The diff report contains important information I want to share with my DBA or project members. The export option mentioned in this proposal would meet this need. I would envision that a colleague imports this export in sql developer and will see exactly the same report. A nice to have feature would be the option to add a note to each element in the report. This way I can share my review with my colleagues.1013-JUL-15
I met exactly the same problem. 1020-NOV-14
This feature would be extremely useful if implemented.1009-AUG-14
+++ for the save option for diff report. It would be really helpful after a release change or even during normal project life cycle when code moves from Dev   > IT or IT   > Prod. Also, right now it seems that the difference is being done in a serialized manner. ( For e.g. first diff does sequence, then tables, then packages etc ). May be SQL developer developers can do the diff process for different objects in separate threads. And finally merge the output. It will drastically reduce the time taken for creating the diff report. And it will be a go to feature to be used after any deployment. 1022-JUL-14
This would be a very useful feature. I need to communicate the difference between 2 schemas to a client, but can't give them the db credentials in order for them to generate it themselves.1004-MAR-14
not be able to save the diff report makes it useless to me. generating the sql is good, but without be able to share the report it does no good. there are a lot of free software that does both and I use one instead of sql developer. html format would be good.1009-OCT-13
This feature will help to distribute the difference between the team and communicate. 820-SEP-13
DB diffs often take long time to run. This is very useful to determine if any release changes have been overlooked in release script. It would be wonderful to be able to save this snapshot and import later, as needed, for discussions.1009-SEP-13
It would be great to have the export option as an XML or .csv of the diff report, which shows which object is different schema including the data types. Kind of the same format as it puts two tables next to each other, and shows what is missing or different where!1006-MAY-13
This would be a useful feature for upgrades as you can use it to track what the differences were at a point in time and what upgrades are left to be done for each schema. Usefule to be able to include a text file as this can then be used in documentation saying what the issues were and which ones were resolved1018-APR-13
Yes, otherwise, you have to ananlyze the whole diff objects in one shot and generate your migration scripts immediately. Without this diff report saving option, you can't revisit, but have to regenerate the whole diff report again which is very time and resource consuming.1019-FEB-12
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