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This is necessary 1018-OCT-19
i do not understand status "on release 4.0" The current version is 18.3. What does the status means? Is it in progress? It will be very helpfull feature. Thanks1014-DEC-18
I think this should be applied to table or object views too, because when I open a table data view I don't see in which environment/connection are this tab. only say @XXXX when I open two tables with same name. Color in Tab for example should be ok to diference it.1011-JUL-18
I agree. The coloured border is nice, but for 'dangerous' environments you need a striking background colour.1002-NOV-15
Agree that the whole window should be colored 1017-APR-15
Very important to change the background color ... the color change in the narrow border line is not noticed when changing connections (environments) ... since the developer concentrates on the code not on the surrounding areas.1023-MAR-15
This would be good1029-SEP-14
I started using SQL developper recently and every time I want to do something, there is a simple way to do it. The only thing that I really miss is the option to have color coded connections. Some things you never do in production, some you want to check in production and some you need to do in production. There is also the case with different production (especially when the schema is similar)... I have wasted a lot of time by trying to find something, just to realize I wasn't searching in the right environment. Of course, you can always check.. but it is so simple with color codes/themes.1023-OCT-13
This is very important for me. I work with SOA so I am connecting to different systems all the time. Colour coding would help me a lot1004-OCT-13
PLEAAAAASEE, we need this, it should not be that difficult to add some colors. Dev team please make others Devs happy. :)1026-JUL-13
I need this urgently!!!1024-JUL-13
Very sure this feature1009-JUL-13
could be very helpful if you switch between production and development systems1029-APR-13
Very handy1012-APR-13
Yes, Indeed it will be very helpful to have this, especially during firing critical commands/statements.902-APR-13
Please implement this feature. A couple of customers are requesting this because it's very helpful for their daily work.1008-MAR-13
Great idea1007-MAR-13
would a great benefit907-MAR-13
very important to keep up with toad1004-MAR-13
Very useful and important feature for dayly dba work1027-FEB-13
Very useful and important feature for dayly dba work1027-FEB-13
Must have feature.826-FEB-13
Would be very useful, could use it at work since I don't want to accidentally change something in our production DB.1022-FEB-13
It's very important when you access to production environnement1031-JAN-13
I'd just like to be able specify the background color properly...527-JAN-13
This is a MUST HAVE feature of every SQL editor!1027-DEC-12
This would be an extremely helpful addition to the tool1010-DEC-12
First prize would be the ability to set coloured tabs for each connection. Second, would be to change the colour of the status bar based on the connection. Third, would be a change to the actual colour of the editor.1009-DEC-12
Would be useful to prevent those oops moments804-DEC-12
This will help us, making less mistakes. 907-NOV-12
Would love this feature   very useful1018-OCT-12
very importend to prevent mistakes1027-SEP-12
This is a must and I am really suprised SQL developer still doesn't have this feature, without it there is a massive risk of inadvertantly editing production systems by mistake.1024-AUG-12
It's a need. But to connection instead to database. You can use one connection for long queries and other for browsing/editing procedures & functions on same database (to avoid Connection Busy message). Every connection must have a specific color (tab only no worksheet) and every tab inherit the color of the connection that is using.1031-JUL-12
I would totally be for this. I recently accidentally deleted some important data (recovered, thankfully) because I didn't know I was on that server. This would be a hugely valuable feature.1025-JUL-12
Would love to see this!1011-JUL-12
my prod/test/dev colorcode   also in SqlDev? 1011-MAY-12
Yes really this is very handy avoid mistakes on production 1011-MAY-12
This is simply needed!!1003-MAY-12
It would be very useful to setup the connection property, to setup the color with different palettes, like Custom, Web and System palettes. Thank you 1006-APR-12
Very Important1009-MAR-12
I wouldn't say it's vital, but it's a low cost update that would add plenty of value. I would personally prefer subtle colours808-MAR-12
My sugestion is change only the tab color, not bakground. Same Toad work's.906-MAR-12
I do this for my Putty sessions and my SSH windows on my Linux VM. All Around Automation's PLSQL Developer also allows this very useful feature. 821-FEB-12
Nothing will ruin your day faster than hitting commit in a production system when you thought you were in a QA system.1003-FEB-12
Would be a great addition. The actual worksheet area needs to have the dynamic colors. Please include light colors as options too or custom colors would be even better. 925-OCT-11
This feature will be very handy. It will prevent users who work on multiple databases at the same time to perform actions in the wrong database by mistake. Please provide this.825-OCT-11
Very useful to have visual indicator like this!1023-SEP-11
In my opinion this is 'must have' functionality1023-SEP-11
Very useful614-SEP-11
This would be incredibly helpful to me.1012-SEP-11
Not important. I constantly switch between several connections and never missed this. I distinguish using the connection name. Might be useful if only the tab is colored not the whole worksheet. Else certain highlight options could be unreadable. 407-SEP-11
I have production and development databases both open all the time and a more in your face visualization like a background color would help me not accidently update production.1009-JUN-11
This would be a really good improvement.1009-JUN-11
That would be very helpful indeed.726-MAY-11
Yes, color coded worksheets based on the connection would be really nice addition. A quick fix with huge effect.925-MAY-11
Good idea. Would reduce some mistakes920-APR-11
Another great feature that's in PL/SQL Developer. I've used it since I've learned about it and it's great for keeping in mind that I'm working in development (white), pre production (yellow) or production (pink).715-APR-11
Very useful when switching between production and test environments.1017-JAN-11
I was about to request this feature as well. it makes a HUGE difference when u can quickly and easily work out which of your connections is PROD and which is DEV based on their color code. I prefer the TOAD style of subtle color coding to the PL/SQL Dev style of background coloring.1010-JAN-11
Brilliant, just what I'm after to protect myself from whoever decided we should all have read/ write access to production!1016-DEC-10
Great idea and should be a must for Oracle to complete this request.1029-OCT-10
we need colors in Worksheets and Datagrids. New connection property background color.1028-OCT-10
Great idea. I do this sort of thing with my SQL*Plus (DOS version) shortcuts to avoid big OOPSes.1014-SEP-10
Ability to change the colour of the tab would be useful.1020-JUL-10
Would be a great addition.1030-JUN-10
Would be very helpful since I'm connecting to dev/qa/prod instances all the time. Would be nice to be able to classify connections and associate a color with a class or specific connection.914-JUN-10
I would love to see this implemented. Currently I choose not to save my password when I connect to our production database as an extra precaution.1019-MAR-10
I prefer to be able to choose the color for every connection and the objects & the worksheet should inherit it   i.e table name should have the same color as the connection. In this way you can easly spot to which connection belongs   Live or Test.913-FEB-10
A very useful feature I'd like to have, too.1006-OCT-09
very useful feature   yse please!1002-JUL-09
Add color to top tab in worksheet, or window frame not to editor502-JUN-09
A very usefull security feature.831-MAR-09
We have a lot of users that want to have this great feature, to see directly, what connection is production or test instance.1005-MAR-09
Could be useful601-DEC-08
Yes color coding my connections would be a valuable addition.1010-NOV-08
I prefer to use the colour of the font I am using rather than change the background. With putty I can set the font to red when working with Live Hosts, being able to do the same with SQL Developer would be very helpful.1028-OCT-08
Very nice feature. Technically, I suspect the color would go with the connection, not the database.1012-OCT-08
good thought1029-SEP-08
This would be very helpful in my work situation where I sometimes need to connect to production DB1029-SEP-08
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