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Excellent suggestion.1028-FEB-20
A better workaround is to select the whole column in Excel and then to replace all "." with "."911-SEP-19
thumbs up1004-SEP-18
Seria excelente que al exportar los campos fechas se representen como tal en el Excel.911-MAY-18
a must have feature!1013-APR-18
Excellent suggestion.907-JUN-17
we need it!1003-NOV-16
This would be very good1003-NOV-16
This would save a lot of time spent fixing data that should already be in the appropriate format.918-OCT-16
Why do you work so long on this important feature? 1014-JUN-16
Come on... get this working.1028-APR-16
This feature would offer basic functionality that should have been implemented by now.1001-OCT-15
No Brainer1023-SEP-15
This should've been implemented by now, please do so. Thanks.1017-JUL-15
It should be useful if you can choose the type of each column exported to excel , in order to avoid problems like that (date exported like varchar)1026-NOV-14
I like to see the day of the week in the data grid, so I have changed the NLS settings in Preferences/Database/NLS to "dy YYYY MM DD HH24:MI:SS". However, date columns are then also exported in that format. So I believe an acceptable solution would be to have the possibility of separate "NLS" panels under Preferences/Database/Utilities/Export?927-DEC-13
Please implement this feature.1012-JAN-13
This would be very useful when sharing the results of queries.1027-APR-12
Its always good to have that option!813-DEC-11
I see that this enhancement request has been accepted, but no date has been scheduled for release. Please can you advise when we can expect this feature to be added to the product.1015-AUG-11
It's a great feature!1017-MAY-11
This is our most desired feature as almost all extracts of data have a date in them and we continually have to write formulae to convert the character value to a date value (which is not only very time consuming, but incredibly frustrating).1020-APR-11
I don't know what score and rate are. In 1.5.5 I could export dates to .csv & .xls with hh24:mi:ss format if I alter session to that format. Can't seem to do it in Bug fix rather than feature request?001-MAR-11
Please fix this...huge hassle!!!1018-JAN-11
Extremely desirable feature. Almost every dataset exported into Excel has a date column and it is essential that this is resolved. It is so incredibly cumbersome to manually have to convert each date column in Excel.1020-DEC-10
Exporting data into Excel is one of the most common tasks our users need to do. The ability to export dates as dates is very desirable.1029-OCT-10
pretty logical829-OCT-10
Dump a lot of date heavy material for graphing when a simple SQL Developer bar graph report won't do. This would save some of the headache involved with that.1022-SEP-10
fix it should be a bug1010-SEP-10
This is a huge hassle today. We have to commonly go through and update "date" columns in our exports to Excel. Also, look into supporting Excel 2007 better. Fix the Excel export to quit putting a blank column last. Enhance the readability of the SQL text in the separate worksheet (great feature, hard to read it).1029-JUL-10
End users love to import result sets into Microsoft products. Sooner the better!001-JUL-10
This would be very helpful as I use to communicate some reports in excel to regular the users.820-MAY-10
I get DATE exported as TIMESTAMP when using SQL*Developer and the Format Cells in Excel will not change it back to DATE1007-APR-10
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