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Need possibility to edit both with only one click.1010-MAR-15
If by mistake a package body was created without its spec (for example running create package body at distinct schema of the spec), there is not any way at SQL Developer to found it the package body1016-DEC-14
i agree. the current design it stupid.1013-MAY-14
Very Good Be1015-JAN-14
PL/SQL Developer from AllRoundAutomations is excellent inspiration.1025-JUN-13
Would improve a lot usability.1016-APR-13
So simple to implement1012-APR-13
This is definitely a must have feature. Please give priority!!!827-JAN-13
This was one of the few things there was nothing wrong with in 1.0, so of course it got changed to something useless whilst hopeless bugs (printing for example) have never ben touched.1027-DEC-12
Please. Look at how AllRoundAutomations does it in PLSQL Developer. I love how they do it.1029-AUG-12
Agree 100%. Please consider it seriously. It is a huge inconvenience as well as time drain. Thanks!1027-JUL-12
It's better to work with a single file.1030-MAY-12
Very helpful to find an invalid package body which has no package spec. At the moment there is no way to look at these package bodies.1009-MAY-12
You should be able to switch between body and spec in the toolbar (but only have one tab open)1008-FEB-12
also, when click a procedure name in a package from left side, under connection >packages >pkg_name >proc_name it should be go to procedure definition in body, not spec. it is more common to review the code. also in body i can already see the spec (parameters etc.)1008-FEB-12
Agree. It would make navigation much more efficient.923-NOV-11
Agree. Need capability to navigate directly to package body. (Perhaps by splitting Package Spec & Package Body in the Connections pane?)1019-JUL-11
Agreed. When working on package Sql Dev takes up considerably more Navigator real estate than Toad or Pl/Sql Developer.1029-APR-11
I would like to be able to refresh a node as well.1010-JUL-09
Most times I need to see the body, not the spec.1009-JUN-09
Would be a huge improvement in usability.1004-SEP-08
Or at least put the body node *after* the spec's public ones714-FEB-07
would appreciate this one912-DEC-06
to get things a little more organized811-DEC-06
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