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1st Point: Being a developer I totally agree that UI should not freeze while attempting to open a object of any session (which is already busy executing long running query/procedure). There can be some sort of pop up appearing with options either to continue or cancel. Or there can simply be a error pops up that 'session is busy'. 2nd Point: while opening Declaration for misspelled object name freezes UI too (not for long but it still can take significant time). If it can be minimized that would be great too. Thanks.1021-JAN-19
This is actually a Bug. Many people must have lost many queries/code, when sql developer freezes on them. For any action there must be a pop up in 2 3 mins saying this is taking time, do u want to continue. OR Make the cancel button in the task progress window always work, if a user click cancel it must cancel and not hang. I know it works sometimes, But please do something about the freezing1007-DEC-18
Freeze when trying to 'open declaration' of an database object misspelled is very irritating too.1024-OCT-18
Really annoying when UI freezes1022-OCT-18
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