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Not a main feature. Could be provided by an installation package rather than a feature.112-JUN-17
would be nice and seems like simple enough to implement, considering it's only a change in the configuration file as suggested in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7768313/how can i change the language to english in oracle sql developer1003-FEB-16
It is annoying to have to change this every time again and again and again after installing a new sqldev version. 1012-JAN-16
Please add this, every time I need to change the language I need to refer to my notes. Preference would be much easier.1017-DEC-15
I NEED THIS. It is so stupid to have to dig into the installation files to change something so simple.1016-OCT-14
Very useful for any user that is in a region where English is not the default language on the PC.1028-MAR-14
I'd like this feature. Each time I install a new version setting the language to my preferred setting is the first what I have to do.1014-MAR-14
It's a must have!1005-FEB-14
this is a "must have" 1020-DEC-13
5 years in the making.. I hate it when a program tries to guess the correct language, then gives the user no choice to change it afterwards.1003-MAY-13
It is a must feature. Please consider working on this1008-APR-13
Definitely give the User the choise to choose the default UI language1007-APR-13
A very good idea!!!1031-OCT-12
Would be very much appriciated. Needed when using multiple languages and esp. on multi lingual teams824-OCT-12
desparately needed! Please leave also the language for a default installation on eglish, unless the user wants a different language.1013-SEP-12
every time I install the new version of sqldeveloper I need to surf the web to retrieve the article that explain how to change the interface language back to english. : ( It would be more easier and quicker if there is an option in the settings windows. 911-SEP-12
Extremely important feature. I was disappointed not to get it in 3.1.1010-AUG-12
I believe it should be standard functionality.828-JUN-12
Using sqldev 3.1, I find the German translation quite crappy. Even more, it forces me to map German words to Oracle's English terms, which makes matters worse.1024-APR-12
A nice feature, easy to implement, just modify the sqldevel.conf file and reload.1013-DEC-11
If you work with another Language, it's hard to communicate in english forums about the right name of a function in the menu.1019-OCT-11
Indeed very needed, is very troublesome to go to a specific file and edit it to add a line, changing language should be an option1027-JAN-11
We want use English!1018-JAN-11
very important!!!024-MAY-10
You must be realistic. English is the IT language. If you don't know english you're lost. So SQLD's default language shold be english, and optionally changeable using Preferences.1006-APR-10
I just installed the new version of SQL Developer and I really miss the english GUI. Would be nice to have an easy way to switch...816-SEP-09
it would be the most friendly user to define the language in the first run, but also the ability to change it in "Preferences". Even better, to set the default language as English1014-MAY-09
The Spanish GUI looks like the result of an automated translator and it seriously affects usability even if you are a native speaker. It'd be great to have an easy way to change into English.1029-APR-09
It is definitely needed. I like my applications to be in english even if I have a french configuration.1010-APR-09
would be a useful feature!009-MAR-09
Really nice to have if you ar working in a multilanguage company!809-FEB-09
For various reasons, my company only has Spanish Windows. Nevertheless I'm not Spanish and want my sqldev in English.920-JAN-09
very useful feature1014-JAN-09
good idea!1014-JAN-09
yes please!1012-JAN-09
Most needed as it worked in versin 1.2 denn not in version 1.5.0 then again in 1.5.1 and again not in 1.5.3. And there is not everything translated to german.1009-JAN-09
all things related language, should be easy to change and convenient!1020-JUN-08
Must have1004-JUN-08
Very important because you are used to the english environment and have to translate everything..., thats very anoying1003-JUN-08
I also searched for this feature.1005-MAY-08
That is most needed indeed. Some translations (the spanish one at least) are not completed, and it's a PITA dealing with two languages in the same GUI...1028-APR-08
It's very frustrating not being able to change the language from the user preferences. Please add a simple option to easily change the default language.1025-APR-08
Needed. DBAs often work in countries where they do not speak the language and becuase of policy restrictions often have no control over the language settings of their PCs. Hence they would be forced to use a language for the GUI that they may not understand and would probably avoid sql navigator. Hence to increase penetration, you need to make this available in the GUI.1024-APR-08
good idea1016-APR-08
yes, good idea1016-APR-08
Good Idea, I prefer to have the choice.1002-APR-08
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