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That would be really very helpful.1008-AUG-19
Would be really a great help for documentation purpose, sharing code purpose etc.1008-JUL-19
i can't wait to see!1009-AUG-17
Esential to do a good documentation from the code. A must for the next version.1024-MAY-16
I think this is a very basic feature to have. Strange they didn't implement this.1014-MAY-16
Yes please. Right now I copy my Oracle code into Notepad++ and use the NPPExport function to copy with retained formatting. It changes the formatting to Notepad++ format of the SQL rather than how Oracle formats it, but for my purposes it is fine. It would be nice to do natively. SqlServer Management Studio allows copying with formatting as well. 1024-APR-16
Miss it from Toad929-MAR-16
Ditto the other comments.816-FEB-16
A feature I miss from Toad.1007-OCT-15
Yes, at HP Enterprise Services (div of Hewlett Packard outsource services), we use this in Toad for pasting into Change Order and Walk through documentation in Word, then posted to a Web portal for client and and external stakeholders as well as internal participants.709-JUN-15
one of the features I missed when switching from Toad to sqldeveloper807-MAY-15
As said above with different shortcuts to copy without/with highlighting (Cmd+C Copy/Shift+Cmd+C Copy) like copy from result pane without/with column headers1020-APR-15
I would really like to have this feature as well. It's one feature that I really liked in Toad. For now I just use the NppExport plugin in Notepad++, but liked being able to do it within a single application.1017-APR-15
This is a really needed feature1013-NOV-14
Very desirable. Pre v4 there was an extension https://code.google.com/p/jdev copyashtml/ which did this   but old extensions don't work in v4930-OCT-14
This will be really helpful feature1027-OCT-14
There are times we need to collaborate quickly on SQL statements via email, this will increase productivity making reading code snippets easier, and this is consistent with previous IDEs.1022-SEP-14
I have been wanting this for a long time. Prefer it to be a separate copy command and include a keyboard shortcut such as Ctrl Shift C.1023-JUL-14
Would love to see this. Might we see it in SQL Developer 4.1 ?1021-JUL-14
This is very useful when a SQL needs to be documented in a Word document (just an example). 1002-APR-14
It would make code more readable in other application.1025-JUN-13
If implemented, I would strongly urge a preference to turn it off. It can be nice in some cases, but often the destination will have syntax higlighting features of its own. When pasting into email, it is sometimes desired, sometimes undesirable.524-AUG-11
This would be a great feature to add in. You could use a parameter in the preferences to turn it on and off. You might even be able to assign certain colors to certain syntax.1013-MAY-11
This would be really helpful in providing SQL Code documentation for various technical deliverables.1018-FEB-11
Would love this feature!1025-MAY-10
Very nice to have when documenting in Word or emailing to others.512-MAY-10
Very important feature for copying to Word or email.1028-APR-10
Nice to have possibly with two copy functions with and without formatting.826-NOV-09
We keep an old TOAD around just for doing this. It is a neat features when sending a Query to someone via Email or when documenting your SQLs.1026-NOV-09
My experience with this in TOAD is that there's times when you want it and times when you don't...TOAD has this as a preference, and even that's not flexible enough. If implemented could it be as an additional copy operation, e.g. Cmd+C Copy/Shift+Cmd+C Copy As Rich Text?728-OCT-09
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