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This would be amazing1010-APR-18
Helpful in debugging.1015-NOV-17
Would be absolutely great1031-JAN-17
So useful to locate syntax errors at first sight.1024-MAY-16
Definitely must have this!1026-DEC-13
very hard to debug nested code without it.1011-SEP-13
Would be very useful. Makes code better readable by giving a better overview.1015-FEB-13
This would be a great feature.1010-MAR-11
Very useful1005-FEB-11
Nice to have but have gotten to like the code folding very much, especially for large blocks.615-JUL-09
For that would be very usefull, espicially if combined with a "goto end/beginning of block"904-MAR-09
Most of the required functionality is covered by code folding. In fact, I'd suggest that code folding is superior. You'd position cursor anywhere in the block (not just the open/close token), and block boundaries are vividly visualized. Compare it to Eclipse curly brace matching: if your block spans multiple pages it is extremely awkward to find a matching brace. The critical difference between parenthesis and "begin...end" block is that there might be multiple levels of parenthesis nesting on a single line. 016-JAN-09
Meh. Rather they changed PL/SQL itself so that IFs could be labelled like LOOPs and blocks. In SQL Developer I'd prefer the requested code folding enhancements for IF sub clauses and so on.320-NOV-08
Please do NOT implement this unless you solve the GROSSLY slow algorithm that is used to match ()! My editor will lock up for 20 to 30 seconds on a top end machine on a large package. Otherwise, a fine idea.730-SEP-08
Would love it. I use the paren feature all the time and would use this just as often (especially when reading other people's code!).1012-JUN-08
All pl/sql users/developers will like to have this features1030-MAY-08
Definitely a must have.1013-MAR-08
This would be a wonderful feature1020-FEB-08
Nice to have919-FEB-08
This would make troubleshooting much easier. My developers would love this feature.1030-JAN-08
Would really help during coding1023-JAN-08
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