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Using SQL Pattern Matching

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  • In this OBE, you learn how to use  SQL for Pattern Matching. Row pattern matching in native SQL improves application and development productivity and query efficiency for row-sequence analysis.

    • This content is intended for the following job role(s): Application Developer , Business Analyst , Data Warehouse Developer , PL/SQL Developer
  • 25-Jun-13
  • Using SQL Pattern Matching - Series
    Database 12c SQL and PL/SQL OBEs

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4 user(s) recommend this content

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stew.ashton 6 months ago
This is a good, detailed introduction. Please note one error (which may be corrected by the time you read this review): The default for Row Pattern Output is ONE ROW PER MATCH, not ALL ROWS PER MATCH.
  • Hi STew, Thanks for your feedback. We have updated the OBE to reflect ONE ROW PER MATCH as the default value for row pattern output. supriya.ananth 30-Oct-13
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sid.evgeny2011 10 months ago
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