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Creating a Repository Using Oracle BI 11g Administration Tool

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6 months ago
Fabulous Job!! One of the best online resource to quickly get hands-on experience. The tasks are crisp and easy to understand to a OBIEE novice. All the examples worked out well for me.
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i_s_carrick 10 months ago
Hi, I am looking for a complete set of sql scripts that I can use to create a sample relational schema (with data). Where can I get scripts ? (I do not have access to the Oracle sample scripts provided with the Oracle database install) The schema must have data and a time series table as I am looking to connection and import the meta-data using Oracle BI Administrator. Next I will then create a logical star schema model... Thnaks Ian
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sreekanth.karangi 10 months ago
Time Series Functions Do not work as mentioned in the demo.May be DB features in pyshical layer need some changes.
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