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Creating Analyses and Building Dashboards in Oracle BI EE 11g (

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  • In this tutorial, you will learn how to build, format, and customize Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) analyses and how to create and update dashboards by utilizing these analyses. This tutorial is based on Oracle BI EE version.

  • 11-Jul-12
  • 120 minutes

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48 user(s) recommend this content

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simon.vos 2 weeks ago
A very good introduction in building analysis and Dashboards. Nice explained in detail. The 120 minutes is very optimistic even without installing the VM. With examining all exercises, it will become significant more hours. At some points it will be good to add some more explanation on the functional goals of the exercise (for example the Selection Views). Overall very helpful tutorial. Great !
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alexander.tomusyak 12 months ago
It’s a good tutorial and I have found it very helpful. I also recommend this tutorial to beginners. It’s a great work. Many thanks!
  • yidaochengming 17-Sep-13
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rherihaja 1.2 years ago
  • The rating is not fair in my opinion. It's a good work. michael.lebedinski 31-Jan-13
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