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Oracle Database 12c Learning LibraryLibrary19-Feb-14SQL Developer Release 3.2, Application Express Release 4.2, SQL Developer Data Modeler Release 3.1, TimesTen 11.2.2, Exadata Version 2, Database 11g Release 2 RAC
(Japanese Translation) Deploying ADF Applications to Oracle Cloud by Using OEPEOBE14-Jan-14SQL Developer Release 3.2, WebLogic Server 11g30 mins
Cloud, Database Cloud Service, Eclipse, Java, Java Cloud Service, OEPE, Oracle Cloud, WebLogic ServerIntermediateHow-To
(Japanese Translation) Configuring NetBeans for Oracle CloudOBE14-Jan-14SQL Developer Release 3.2, WebLogic Server 11g60 mins
Cloud, Database Cloud Service, Java, Java Cloud Service, NetBeans, Oracle Cloud, WebLogic ServerIntermediateHow-To
Creating Charts and Reports in SQL Developer 4.0Training12-Nov-13SQL Developer Release 4.060 mins
Charts, Reports, SQL DeveloperBasicHow-ToApplication Developer
Using SQL for Pattern Matching in Oracle Database - (Recorded Webcast Event)Video01-Nov-1335 mins
OLL Live, Oracle Database 12c, SQL analytics, pattern matchingIntermediateHow-To
Redacting Data in SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.0OBE23-Oct-13Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Release 4.020 mins
Data Modeler, Data ModelingBasicHow-ToData Modeler, Database Designer, Application Developer
Creating Master/Detail Reports and Generating to PDF with SQL Developer 4.0OBE15-Oct-13SQL Developer Release 4.025 mins
SQL DeveloperBasicHow-ToData Modeler, PL/SQL Developer, Database Designer, Application Developer
Setting Up Oracle Data Miner 4.0OBE01-Oct-13SQL Developer Release 4.015 mins
Data Miner, Data Mining, SQLDEVData Scientist, Systems Analyst, Data Warehouse Administrator, Business Analyst
Application Development - Developer Day Workshop Series (4.2)OBE11-Sep-13SQL Developer Release 4.0, Application Express Release 4.2, SQL Developer Data Modeler Release 3.1240 mins
APEX, Application Development, DEV, Data Modeler, DevDays, SQLDEVApplication Developer
Testing and Debugging Procedures using SQL Developer (3.1)OBE11-Sep-13SQL Developer Release 3.260 mins
Using the Cart in SQL Developer 4.0OBE29-Aug-1325 mins
CART, SQL DeveloperHow-ToDatabase Designer, Database Administrator, Application Developer
Creating Chart Reports and Generating to HTML with SQL Developer 4.0OBE29-Aug-1325 mins
Chart, SQL DeveloperBasicHow-ToDatabase Designer, Database Administrator, Application Developer
Setting up SQL Translation Framework OBE for Database 12c Release 1OBE25-Jun-13SQL Developer Release 3.290 mins
SQL Developer, SQL Translation, SybaseIntermediateHow-To
Managing Pluggable Databases (PDBs) Using SQL DeveloperOBE25-Jun-1345 mins
CDB, Consolidation, Container Database, Multitenant, PDB, Pluggable DatabaseIntermediateHow-To
Redaction Management in Oracle SQL DeveloperOBE25-Jun-1360 mins
Oracle Data RedactionIntermediateHow-To
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