I am in the process of migrating this app. Please go to:

This is an AJAX file uploader (plugin) with multiple file support. Just select your files and click Submit.

This will not work with IE. It is based on some of the HTML5 File APIs available, that comfortably work with firefox and chrome. I have tested on Mac Firefox, Mac Safari (didn't seem to work), Chrome and Firefox on Linux.

Plugin Files
21item_type_plugin_ts_ajaxfileupload.sqltext/x-sql - Download
60021.pdfapplication/pdf - Download
60032.pdfapplication/pdf - Download
60042.pdfapplication/pdf - Download
60211.pdfapplication/pdf - Download
6041plsql.sql - - Download
6061Desert.jpgimage/jpeg - Download
6062download.jpgimage/jpeg - Download
6063ERS QUEUE.xlsxapplication/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet - Download
6064Jellyfish.jpgimage/jpeg - Download
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