Known Issues

Application Express 5.1 Early Adopter 1 is now closed. Please go to Early Adopter 2 Known Issues.

APEX Developer Password

  • You will need to create a new user from Administration > Manage Users and Groups to run applications using Application Express Authentication. You can not simply change the SSO user password from within APEX.
  • SSO not available in this Early Adopter. The Application Builder utilizes SSO authentication, however, you can not use SSO authentication for any applications defined in this Early Adopter.

Supported Browsers

  • For this Early Adopter, please use latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11 or Edge.

Interactive Grid - Features Not Supported in EA1


  • Dynamic Actions
  • Cascading LOVs
  • Item Type Plug-ins for Columns
  • Chart View
  • Group By View
  • Filtering: Complex type
  • Highlighting
  • Computations
  • Control Break dialog (can configure control break from Column Heading)
  • Sort dialog (can sort from Column Heading, but can't sort Icon or Detail View)
  • Download
  • Subscriptions
  • Set Filters / saved report via URL
  • Control break doesn't work in detail or icon views. It may not work in icon view for 5.1.
  • Once you hide a column it is not easy to get it back, other than resetting the report.
  • Hidden required columns are not automatically shown when entering edit mode. They must be manually shown. However there is no UI to show hidden columns.
  • Although server validation errors are shown for page items, grid rows and grid cells, we plan to greatly improve the way errors are presented, and dealt with by users. Errors will be presented in the page notification section, grouped by the IG region, for example 'Employees Region - 3 errors have occurred'. Then selecting this error will take you to a more detailed list of those 3 errors in that region. Then each of these errors will be links that will take the user directly to that errored cell / row to be able to rectify the error.
  • Form Region and Report Region wizard do not support creating interactive grid.


  • Edit: Add Row If Empty - workaround is for the user to manually add a row
  • Edit: Submit Includes Selected Rows
  • Performance: Requires Filter
  • Performance: Maximum Row Count
  • Appearance: Fixed Row Height - the row height will always be fixed
  • Pagination: Type option None - is not functioning correctly
  • Messages: When More Data Found - not supported because Maximum Row Count is not supported
  • Enable Users To: Subscription
  • Enable Users To: Download
  • Download: * all sub-attributes
  • Advanced: Email From Address
  • Icon View: Icon Type - Does not support BLOB based icons
  • Help: Help Text
  • Icon View: Link Attributes: specifying target attribute will have no effect. This is the way the icon list is designed. It may change in the future. There are advanced ways, using JavaScript to open a new window.

Column Attributes

  • Column Filter - Required, Text Case
  • Export/Printing: Include in Export/Print - not supported because download feature not available
  • Advanced: Use As Row Header
  • Security: Restricted Characters
  • Help: Help Text
  • Appearance: Format Mask is only evaluated on the server which is a problem if you make the column editable.
  • Some of these things only apply when the grid is editable but they are always shown: Width, Value Placeholder, Height

Interactive Grid - Known Issues


  • Editing the primary key is not supported in EA1 but if you do allow editing the primary key column(s) and the user makes a change there will be an error when the grid is saved.
  • Add / Duplicate Row: Odd default (t1000) for primary key is expected behavior. It is replaced with a server generated key when saved.
  • Add / Duplicate Row: Focus should be taken to first editable control for the new row
  • Column Items that have their own popup, like date picker or color picker, do not deactivate correctly so that if you edit a date then immediately click save it thinks there is nothing to save. You must first tab or click outside the cell.
  • A floating edit field should not extend beyond the left/right of the grid because it adds horizontal scroll bar if there isn't one
  • A cell's error state can be copied to the next or previous row. Edit a required field press tab then press enter to go to next row. Notice the required field of the next row is now incorrectly flagged as an error.
  • Inline date picker does not get initialized with the value of the cell.
  • If you have an editable grid that allows only operation Add. Then when you add a new row you should be able to delete it but cannot delete it using menus. Work around is to use the Delete key.
  • When you shift tab into any popup item type, such as a checkbox field, shuttle or text area, the page scrolls down if it is the last column in the row.
  • After save, the tab order in edit mode can be displayed incorrectly. The error happens when tabbing between frozen and non-frozen cells.
  • If a default value is specified for a column with a List of Values (Select List, Shuttle), the display value for the specified default value will not be read.

Master Detail

  • If the detail has multiple views defined (eg icon, or others), then you get a JavaScript error when attempting to switch to the other view.
  • Single Row View fields are empty for Detail Interactive Grids
  • For Master > Child / Child Interactive Grid layouts, where tab containers are used to layout the children, clicking on the tab to select a child causes focus to be taken to the top of the page.


  • Reset button should only be enabled when required. Currently it is always enabled.
  • Missing icons for action and change menu items
  • Save button should only be enabled when there are pending changes.
  • When flashback is enabled, edit should be disallowed.
  • The Reset button does not check if there are unsaved changes. If there is something to reset then you lose your changes.


  • No date picker support for date columns, but SINCE options are supported.
  • Filters can become in an invalid state if data is changed (eg filter by job = salesman, then change someone's job from salesman to something else, the Interactive Grid will still show the filter as active).
  • Hitting the 'ESC' key when focused in a field in a configuration dialog (eg Filter, Flashback, etc.) to close the dialog will result in an error when re-opening that same dialog. The page will become disabled and unusable. Please close dialogs by using the 'x' or 'Cancel' buttons instead to avoid this issue.
  • Dialog: If you don't first change the column to something else, and try and save a filter using that original column, you get a JavaScript error
  • Filters don't work for multi value item types like Checkboxes, Shuttle, Select List.


  • It should not be possible to have two aggregates with the same column and function combination.
  • Navigation grid values on the left sometimes do not match the field selections on the right, although what is saved is correct. This can occur on page load, and also for column values immediately after changing the column value and without tabbing away.
  • Aggregate rows are missing a label for the function. The function name is shown in the row header but only when the row header shows a sequence number is it wide enough to see the text.
  • Aggregate tooltips do not have any effect.
  • When the primary key column is not hidden an aggregate row may show a strange value such as t1000, in that column when it should show nothing.
  • Function sometimes gets overwritten with 'Sum' when loading an existing aggregate.

Column Header Menu

  • The column header menu is supposed to have different tooltip text for freeze/unfreeze column button and possibly a distinct icon. Currently it always says Freeze.
  • When the column header popup is open the column controls move and sort should not be actionable.
  • Toolbar Quick Edit does not yet work for Interactive Grid column headings.

Single Row View

  • Client validation errors should be checked when the Next or Previous buttons are pressed.
  • When Interactive Grid headings are fixed to the 'Page', the single row view header (containing report view button, settings drop down menu button and next / previous buttons) scrolls with the content.
  • When the Interactive Grid heading is fixed to page and you return from single row view the heading and footer are not in the right place until the first scroll event.


  • With Headings Fixed To: Page and Pagination Type: Scroll, the progress spinner scrolls with the page rather than remaining fixed, so the user may not see it.
  • With Headings Fixed To: Page and Pagination Type: Page, when fetching data from the server the height of the grid should not shrink.
  • The rows per page auto calculation for how many rows will fit, needs to take into consideration the possibility of a horizontal scroll bar.
  • With non-scroll paging and auto rows per page, when going into full page Maximize mode in Universal Theme, the grid should be resized so it can take advantage of the extra rows that can be shown
  • Scroll Paging in combination with full page Maximize mode in Universal Theme when maximized, the scroll paging is completely broken in that new data is never fetched from server while scrolling
  • Extra scroll bar seen in full page icon view with scroll paging while fetching data
  • Scroll paging with a collapsed column break causes a problem
  • When scroll paging and header fixed to page, scroll row/cell into view needs improvement as it must take into consideration the fixed headers and footers.
  • The grid list of page links doesn't always show the current page as selected
  • Chrome only: When header fixed to region and fetching new records extra horizontal and vertical scroll bars are added. Need to resize page to correct.


  • There is a general issue with horizontal scroll bars
  • Switching the Interactive Grid Toolbar off (Attributes > Toolbar > Show = No) causes a minor UI issue where it's container is still visible at the top of the Interactive Grid region
  • Column item Select (multiple) needs style improvement. The width should be at least as wide as the cell.
  • Theme Roller does not currently style Interactive Grids

IE11 Specific Issues

  • There is no extra dark divider line between the frozen and non-frozen columns. Actually the border shifts into view when frozen border cell is focused.
  • Doesn't show the bottom table row border
  • When Interactive Grid has column groups and header fixed to page, all fixed elements disappear when they stick. Another similar case is on Sample Interactive Grid app Page 8 the header disappears when it should stick.
  • In single row view the Interactive Grid toolbar doesn't stick to page correctly
  • Row selection header with checkbox shows small … after checkbox. Also happens with Actions button.
  • Sometimes the blue page title bar is covered in gray. Happens when page first loads, but clears up on first scroll event.
  • Choose Report (Primary, Alternative) select list looks odd in IE11

Right to Left

  • Grid View drag move column has a bug trying to move wider column to end
  • Column drag resize has a bug when dragging near scroll boundaries
  • Report settings area is not RTL aware
  • Single Row View is not fully RTL aware


  • Apps using a version of Universal Theme that has not been refreshed to 5.1 will not see the success message when saving changes to an Interactive Grid
  • Some error messages are double escaped.
  • Interactive Grid on a public page and when the user isn't authenticated yet raises a JavaScript error
  • Some actions cause the page to refocus to the top, which can be disruptive if the Interactive Grid is positioned down the page vertically (for example in many of the Interactive Grid sample pages where we have explanatory content above the Interactive Grid).
  • Column Groups: Columns show up in wrong Groups when editable = yes, column groups are used, and where the first column, or columns have no group assigned.
  • Report Settings doesn't show multiple Control Break columns in the order as they are displayed in the grid.
  • Report settings have no readonly support
  • Substitution in attributes HTML Expression, Custom Icon (Icon View), For each Row (Detail View) do not substitute system-, application- and page items like (APEX_PUBLIC_USER, NO, ). Hash substitutions (like and column substitutions () do work.
  • Interactive Grid is a size managed component. If the container it is in changes its size in any way the Interactive Grid must be notified by calling resize. There are some known problems. In each case resizing the window is a work around to get the Interactive Grid to resize correctly.
    • When the Universal Theme left hand navigation is collapsed or expanded the Interactive Grid does not adjust its size.
    • If the height of the page changes resulting in scroll bars being added or removed the Interactive Grid does not adjust its size. This results in the Interactive Grid view overflowing the width on many pages that have a scroll bar.
    • Collapsible regions could potentially cause a problem if scroll bars are added or removed as a result.
  • Interactive Grid has only been tested with Universal Theme, so there may be issues in applications using older themes.
  • Screen reader accessibility has not been tested and likely has a number of issues.
  • When loading an Interactive Grid region that has some invalid metadata state (say a filter on a numeric column with a string filter value), this currently displays on the error page, not inline as it does when the error may have been introduced (eg the filter created). It would be better to display the error in the same way on page load, inline on the page, and where the user has the ability to reset the report which may help them clear the error.
  • Configuration dialogs should do better input validation, for example basic type to prevent say filters on numeric columns trying to save string values.
  • Configuration dialogs that allow editing of multiple settings (e.g. Filters and Aggregates) have a left-hand section in the dialog that shows all the settings of that type, allowing you to select a specific setting to edit. This requires style and usability improvement to make it easier to discern the settings’ information.

Interactive Grid - Item Type Known Issues

  • Select List:
    • Edited Select List cell can show escaped & rather than &. This can be seen on People (paging) (page 60) of Sample Interactive Grid app. Insert new record or edit existing and set Category to Science & Technology. Then leave cell. Note that it now reads Science & Technology.
    • "Allow Multi Selection" not available for Interactive Grid columns
  • Yes/No:
    • Displaying data with a NULL value for No doesn't work
  • Display Only:
    • Should not expose Output of PL/SQL for "Based On" attribute.
  • Date Picker:
    • When focus is in the popup Escape does not close the popup
    • There is no way to put focus into the popup.
    • When popup closes focus should be returned to button or input field. As is focus seems to be at the end of the page.
    • Popup should capture tab out and wrap or return to button/field that caused popup to open. As is it will tab way out of the grid
    • Inline Date Picker doesn't have a way to move focus into the calendar. Once you click in it the Escape and Ctrl+F6 keys don't work and it is tedious to tab out of it.
  • Popup LOV:
    • Style of popup LOV column item is not correct. It is displayed inline but it is too high.
  • Shuttle:
    • Opening dialog on an empty cell will show the last selection (left side) of a previous cell which contained data.
  • Rich Text Editor:
    • Doesn't work. Not supported for EA1
  • Color Picker:
    • Color picker doesn't manage focus very well. When focus is on button blur does not close the popup. Escape does not close the popup. You can shift tab into the edit field but you can't click to focus it. There is no way to get focus into the popup other than click.
    • When focus is in the popup Escape does not close the popup
    • When the popup closes focus doesn't return to the input field or the button.
    • Popup should capture tab out and wrap or return to button/field that caused popup to open. As is it will tab way out of the grid
  • Some built-in widgets have a fieldset that is in the tab order. This extra tab stop is a bother when shift tabbing out of a field. Text Area, Radio Group, Checkbox.

Oracle JET Charts

  • Region Display Selector issues with JET charts - charts only rendered on page when 'Show All' selected upon leaving/returning to page with JET charts
  • Legend 'Hide and Show Behaviour' does not work for 'Other' slice of pie chart (Oracle JET Bug #23525679)

Warnings on Unsaved Changes

  • Does not check Legacy Tabular Forms.
  • The following native item types do not currently detect if they have changed and so will not work with this feature:
    List Manager, Rich Text Editor, Shuttle
  • This feature is not working correctly with modal dialogs.
    The onbeforeunload warning message is shown after the dialog is already closed
  • Some third party item type plugins may not be able to detect if they have changed.
    These would have to be updated for 5.1 to use the new item API isChanged callback

Page Designer

  • Toolbar of Component View is not fixed
  • Template Options not accessible for Mobile UI pages. Use the legacy Component View to edit the options.
  • The Icon LOV Dialog for Icon CSS Classes takes a few seconds to load, during which the browser is blocked

Packaged Apps

  • Packaged Apps Gallery > Packaged App Details page: Sample Interactive Grids and Sample Projects are missing the screenshot.
  • Opportuntiy Tracker - Not available for EA1
  • Sample Interactive Grid - Missing descriptive text
  • Sample Calendar (Published June 9) - Includes features not available in EA1 so will produce some errors
  • Universal Theme Sample Application - There are several links to pages that are not created (i.e. Components, Design Patterns, and some pages in Tools and Utilities)
  • Note: The Sample Database Application, Sample Projects, Sample Charts, Sample Calendar, and P-Track were updated in EA1 on June 9th to correct reported issues.
    If you have installed one of the sample applications prior to this date please delete the application, including supporting objects, and reinstall.
    If you installed P-Track and did not unlock the application please upgrade the application. Otherwise please remove the application and supporting objects, and reinstall.


    • Search in a Popup LOV does not work
    • APEX Advisor: "Filter" checkboxes in the dialog do not work