NameAuthorSummaryDownload Url
Password Caps-Lock CheckSkillbuildersCheck if caps-lock is on when entering password on login pageDownload
Excel to CollectionAMISConvert any excel document to an APEX collection (generic table of values)Download
Notification (Gritter)OracleDisplay unobstrusive notification on demandDownload
Dynamic Quick PicksCarsten CzarskiDynamically generated item quick picksDownload
Embedded PDFAMIS - Anton SchefferDisplay query output as a simply formatted PDFDownload
Navigation barEnkitecVersatile replacement for tab navigationDownload
Modal Dialog PageSkillbuildersInvoke modal dialog that is defined as separate APEX pageDownload
Super LOVEnkitecFeature rich modal LOVDownload
Star RatingOracleTurn a radio group into a star rating systemDownload
SparklinesEnkitecWord size graphics showing data "at a glance"Download
Group-by SelectOracleSelect list with categories defined by third columnDownload
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