Marquee Feature:
(+) APEX 4.1 Early AdopterFeatures available in Oracle Application Express 4.1 - Early Adopter 1, Released xx-May-2011
... (-) Application BuilderEnhancements made to the Application Builder
...... API to redirect to a URLEA2The new API apex_util.redirect_url can be used in an APEX context to tell the browser to redirect to a specified URL. If the functionality of branches are not sufficient enough it might be necessary to write PL/SQL code to decide where to branch/redirect to. The new procedure apex_util.redirect_url can for example be called in a process of type "PL/SQL" to redirect to a URL based on several conditions defined by the logic of the PL/SQL process. The new API will make sure that the APEX engine will immediately stop any further processing and send the new URL to the browser.
...... Application Date Time FormatEA2Add an Application Date Time Format to the application definition. Unlike the other globalization settings which will alter the NLS session settings, this will be an internal reference which can only be used as a substitution or via the v() function. This is required for providing default format for Calendar dates that include Date and Time.
...... Change my password button replaced by link on Admin homeEA1The yellow button called "Change my password" was converted into a list entry under tasks in the right hand side bar. This was to facilitate a cleaner UI for the large icon region.
...... Create Application instantly - without defining pagesEA1To streamline the speed of creating an application, and working under the assumption that many developers want to create an application and then add pages manually, a new option is provided to create an application in 3 clicks.
...... Expose Protection Level attribute in Application Items reportEA1The Shared Components > Application Items page (4000.4100) is used to list existing application items. The report view (non icon view) of this page did not expose the protection level. This is important information, and its painful to edit every item to know what the protection level is, so this attribute is now exposed on the report as it is in the form.
...... Hosted Online HelpEA2Provide Oracle Application Express users with a hosted version online Help by default. This will decrease the size of our software distribution and enable us to update the online Help without releasing new software. Currently, the online Documentation Library is updated more frequently than online Help.
...... (+) Modernize APEX Builder DashboardsEA1Redesign dashboards to only show most important information. Where possible charts, etc can be clicked to drill down on corresponding interactive reports.
...... (+) Team DevelopmentEnhancements to Team Development
... (+) Charting EngineImprovements made to charting capabilities
... (+) Dynamic ActionsEnhancements to Dynamic Actions
... (+) Improved Error HandlingImprove error handling and user-defined exception processing
... (+) Interactive ReportsEnhancements to Interactive Reporting
... (+) Item TypesEnhancements to Item Types.
... (+) Other FeaturesOther new features in APEX 4.1
... (+) Plug-InsAdd plug-in support for additional components and enhance plug-in definitions.
... (+) Tabular FormsContinue to expand tabular forms validations.
... (+) Use of ROWIDAllow usage of ROWID for Automatic DML processing by selecting ROWID as the primary key for a table or view when creating forms. The feature will allow developers to create forms and use the default DML processing on tables that do not have a natural primary key, as well as forms on views that do not expose the primary key.
... (+) WebsheetsImproved user interface, new page section types, and enhanced spreadsheet / datagrid integration
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